James Kevin Debut's his new single "Tango On" Launches his new Series "The Experience", & Jacked up Jimmy stops by for a Loud visit!

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James Kevin launches his new Series "The Experience" now to be a regular feature on the last Friday of each month. Today's show features a brand new release of "Tango On" the first single from his forthcoming album "Gratitude" Jacked up Jimmy stops by for a surprise visit, talks about how he needs a "sit down" with English Bob, and ask's James Kevin to set it up! "He's got me waiting in the Lobby! " Jacked up states about English Bob............as the conversation goes into bowling, and a sprained scrotum, "Jacked up" ends up cutting it short as his beeper goes off and he needs to get back to the job site to throw a guy off a roof!


Hey James Kevin, I gotta run my beeper’s going off like a house of fire, its the Union calling, I gotta go throw a guy off a roof!
— Jacked up Jimmy