Katie Ann Leaves the West Coast for Buffalo NY, and Finds a new Vein of Creativity!

Recording artist, Katie Ann, wrote and produced her freshman album, The Ride. She is proud to independently release her album to the world. The Ride is a skillful eclectic fusion of genres. The album, all 17 songs, takes listeners on their own interpretive journey from the beginning to end. Each song is different and unique just like Katie Ann’s personality. Katie Ann is an interesting performer to watch because she is a classically trained pianist but she also mixes in futuristic components. She has a voice like no other, which makes her sound very unique. She is also one of the few artists using the newly released iRig set up while composing live on stage with apps from ipads and iphones. A band she plays in called "Appestra" was recently featured in a TedX festival in Buffalo, NY. "I was honored to perform onstage in such an innovative atmosphere, alongside such great artists."
Katie Ann is an Eighties baby from San Diego, California. She studied music on the west coast and began song writing in Southern California. Driven to stay original she never signed to a record label and instead chose to pay the dues to create her own album. Fazing in and out of studios Katie Ann took a journey writing music that ultimately ended in the recording studio of the world famous Goo Goo Dolls in Buffalo, New York. The sense of traveling and growth is very present through out the entire album. It’s a trip.
The Ride is about finding myself, my faith and love.”  ~Katie Ann
Katie Ann is currently writing and recording her new album called “Driven.” She will be releasing the album in the Spring of 2016.
Katie Ann has teamed up with her soul mate to make a difference with music. MC ZiLL and Katie Ann have successfully toured several markets together. Their Tour "Brainwashing The Ride" started on the Pacific West coast of the United States last Summer. This Summer Brainwashing The Ride will tour again but this time hitting major markets on the East coast to promote the release MC ZiLL’s new album “Brainwashing.” Katie Ann will also be performing sneak peaks from her much anticipated new album, “Driven.” Together the couple performs a dynamic high energy show that is versatile depending upon the venue. MC ZiLL hypes up the crowd with his mind-boggling lyrics and Katie Ann hits the soul with her beautiful voice and extremely talented piano skills. Watching Brainwashing The Ride is truly and unforgettable experience to enjoy.
The couple has been using their musical skills to make a difference in their community. Some of the songs they create advocate activism within government systems, especially public education. Recently the couple was interviewed on Time Warner Cable, ABC’s regional headline news and NPR Radio because of their positive and controversial message in their music video “We’re teaching.” The video caught wind and went viral bringing in nearly 20,000 organic views with in the first few days of its release. Click here to see the press release for "We're Teaching."

The couple also hosts a benefit show every year for an organization called "Music is Art." One of the many things the foundation is geared to do is help children of need obtain musical instruments in schools. Katie Ann is actively involved as a music educator in Buffalo, primarily a piano teacher in her community. MC ZiLL was part of an after school program called I.M.A.G.E (Individuals Motivated Against Gang Environments). The program taught high schoolers how to write and record music as well as book shows and perform. Katie Ann and MC ZiLL highly believe in making a positive difference peacefully through music. 


Source: http://katieannmusic.com/bio

The only person that can hold you back is yourself.
— Katie Ann