Hannah Lyndsay Lane writes Poetry in Math Class, While Stimulating Her Songwriting!

hannah lyndsay.jpg

Hannah Lyndsay Lane is very introspective and casts her spell with captivating melodies and inspired lyrics. Her music touches upon all aspects of human emotion and her unique approach to songwriting separates her from the average "singer-songwriter". Hannah's melodies are soulful while her delivery weaves its way into the hearts of her live audiences. At only 16 years old she's already recorded her debut EP of all original music, called "Breaking The Mould" which is available on iTunes. If you like a song, please share it on social media. It's all part of the game of building an audience. "Feel Good Vibe" is her pop contribution to show a little versatility. Hope you have a listen or two and become a fan! 
Her best friend and live duet partner "Lee Jean Jr." Pictured in her profile is making his way through American Idol as we speak. Go Lee!!! 
Hannah is currently working on her second EP which is going to be called "Handwritten."

I totally dig the music of Frank Sinatra and Tori Kelly.
— Hannah Lyndsay Lane