Millie Manders | Pop-Punk Powerhouse from London

The powerful voice of Millie Manders conquers the dHarmic Evolution community. She's taken quite a ride in her musical career and has made herself known to be the pop-punk singer-songwriter that can totally bring the house down.

Millie sings about emotions and her own personal experiences. Many women will definitely resonate with her songs.

About Millie Manders

Millie creates cross-genre punk that is hard to ignore. With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section, the Millie Manders Music Machine churns out more raw punk fusion than you can shake a stick at, and she won’t be fading into the background of anyone’s memory any time soon.


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