Matt O'Ree | The Boss and Bon Jovi, Matt Keeps Good Company!

Matt's talent was recognized globally when he got the nod to join rock legends Bon Jovi as their guitarist/backing vocalist on their 2015 stadium tour.

He has also been recognized by the industry as a great guitar player. He won guitar contest hosted by BB King and John Mayer through Guitar Center and Guitar World Magazine. Matt beat out over 4,000 guitar players in that competition to win him the grand prize, multiple guitars and an endorsement from Gibson guitars, shopping sprees with Guitar Center and a car from Scion. This major accomplishment really sparked his career and the momentum for the future of the band.

Matt's writing is inspired from many life experiences and years of study from the ones that have wrote the book on how to play real guitar rock music. Not as a photocopy, but in a new light that hasn't been seen in quite some time. Now is the time for real music and real musicianship to make a resurrection.

Listen to Matt O'ree's Running Home

The Matt O'Ree Band

New Jersey's best kept secret is about to make some noise. Over the past few years, The Matt O'Ree band has done what most area bands do.

They've played their shows, developed their sound, released their records and very quietly built a local fan base in the process.

What makes this band different from all the others is that their local fan base includes Bruce Springsteen, David Bryan and John Popper (all of whom have volunteered to perform on the band's forthcoming album to be released later this year).

Growing up on influencers ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rory Gallagher, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Joe Walsh and Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Matt O'Ree Band has taken all these diverse elements and forged a new iron.

The band takes their fans on a ride that hasn't been heard or seen at this level since the '70s. Their live show is like revisiting a Zeppelin concert at the Garden, and with Eric Safka on Hammond B3, Scott Bennert on bass, and John Hummel on drums, they've built a foundation that can hold up the biggest house on the block.

After years of honing their craft, the Matt O'Ree Band is about to become an overnight success. Get M.O.B.'d up with New Jersey's next great export.

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