Trevor Kevin O'Connor | Rockin' the Original Music School and Dr Scientist


Trevor Kevin has brought his awesomeness from being a student at the Original Music School into being a mentor. He is of genuine talent - I wonder where he gets it from.... 

As a part of Dr. Scientist, one of his main goals is to bring to life the emotions in the lyrics he writes. Their songs are sensational, and you guys better check them out!

Here's a song from Dr. Scientist:

About Dr Scientist

Calculation. Experimentation.

Dr Scientist has always been a bit of a mysterious character.....

Emerging sometime in 2013 when the sweat was dripping, an understanding was reached to bring energy, power, grace and calculated songwriting into a chemical sonic formula that could be received by the masses in dirty bars throughout the tristate and NYC area.

The Debut LP “Post Grad” was released on the heels of 2014 after much of the aforementioned formula was ingested. An eclectic offering of inner monologue run through various areas of the rock realm, “Post Grad” effectively captures the concoction that took a full year to brew.

Between writing melodies that have people asking 'who's the hot girl singing?' and crafting hooks that have people genuinely angry that it won't leave their skull- people are left to wonder 'is it all part of his plan, or is this just an elaborate experiment?’

Check out my interview with Trevor Kevin here:

Download the episode from iTunes here: