Crossroad Y | When Their Paths Crossed, Magical Music Was Born

Three creative souls met at the Central Business District of Sydney, Australia, and what came out of the meeting was nothing but pure art in the form of beautiful soft pop/folk music.

Crossroad Y brings their melody and topnotch songwriting on the dHarmic Evolution podcast. Check it out!

Listen to Comfort Me by Crossroad Y:

About Crossroad Y

A tasteful mix of pop meets folk with a progressive hint of soft rock, Crossroad Y is a blend of experiences, origins and influences, topped with beautiful harmonies that have resulted in a unique sound reminiscent of classic artists like Fleetwood Mac and ABBA.

Crossroad Y’s stories are often inspired by people and situations which they find compelling.

A metaphor for coming from different directions and meeting in the middle, Crossroad Y was formed in 2013, when lead vocalist Joanna crossed paths with talented songwriter, composer and guitarist John. Fabian, a gifted guitarist and soulful vocalist joined the band shortly after.

Their debut single, Funny Little Things released in February 2014 was honoured with two Semi-Finalist awards in the international Song of the Year contest and UK Songwriting contest, judged by acclaimed industry executives, producers and songwriters.

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