Ni'Ela Rocks | The Girl with a Gypsy Soul Sings about Angels' Wings

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Ni'Ela has always known that she wanted to sing. She knew she wanted to perform. And she knew that angels and their wings are her top inspiration. Ni'Ela considers herself a globetrotter and spreads her special talent and passion to the world.

Listen to Ni'Ela belt out one of her awesome songs:

About Ni'Ela Rocks

NI'Ela Rocks, an enchanting character of what it truly means to be colorful, vibrant, and among an extraordinary new generation of performing artist. Electro pop and velvet vocals will drag you into inspiration, style and depth. Her written material has led to collaborations with electronic DJs internationally. She began a trail of music on SoundCloud and took shape among other popular sites such as BeatPort, "Fashion Music" radio podcast & "Global World Dj Broadcast." Rocks caught the attention of A&R teams and is currently under review for commercial application."The American Vocal Diva," of Fashion Music Records (Moscow) is releasing her latest single "Keep On Rocking" as a feature to Moscow hit maker "DJ Favorite" A.k.a. Dmitry Kolv. Google Play or iTunes for top hits.

Listen to my interview with Ni'Ela here:

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