Amanie / Illfated | The Black Beauty from Saskatchewan

Moving to Saskatchewan from Sudan when she was three as a refugee, Amanie didn't speak much English. But you wouldn't guess she was from somewhere else from the way she talks (and sings) today. Amanie wants to remind everyone that people may look down on you and discourage you, and you will be devastated - but that's all part of life. What we can do is get up and move on.

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About Amanie

Music officially began after years of traditional dances for special events and even performing for Mayor Pat Fiacco at the centre of the arts. After years of toying with the idea, Amanie wrote her first song as early as 9 years old. By 12 years old, Amanie had recorded in her make-shift basement studio and performed many songs in public, began playing piano and producing and was leading the South Sudanese children’s choir. It wasn’t long before she wrote enough material to produce and put out the promotional album “lost with directions”.

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