Jill Pavel | Uplifting Indie Artists in an Epic Way

Jill Pavel of Heart Songs Corp encourages and uplifts indie artists, helping them achieve their goals. Her maternal instincts don't stop with her own child, Cory Singer. She's a mother to all her talents, and she rocks the business too!

Listen to Rob Carona's song, Drive

About Jill

Jill is the Founder and CEO of Heart Songs Corporation a full service record label and artist development platform offering digital media distribution to over 300 retailers globally. Jill is the Founder and CEO of Heart Songs for Veterans a charitable label that donates proceeds to Veteran Causes Nationwide.

She is the Executive Producer of Project Lips Radio Show, CEO and Founder of The Yonk Radio Network (Hip Hop Radio Programming Launching 2016), Executive Producer of 3 Radio shows debuting on the Yonk Radio Network (The Hip Hop Diner, Something About Rosie & Sports Under the Beltway). Jill is the CEO of Music Update Central. She is an esteemed board member of Truckin 4 Troops and Hope Farms for Veterans.

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