Rob Carona | Oh My Carona!

Rob is never one to say no to a challenge. When he first started, he knew he had to make ends meet for his young family. When he met Jill Pavel, he was already making music and rocking it - but now, he does it with purpose and passion for our war heroes!

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About Rob Carona

As an established and successful recording artist, songwriter, producer, and public speaker, Rob Carona brings multiple talents to the stage and the studio. With 15 years of experience as a performer and writer, Rob captivates his audience with a sound that blends country, rock, and soul influences almost seamlessly. Rob brings his years of piano and guitar experience to the stage, but it’s the soulful quality of his voice, and heartfelt honesty in his lyrics that draw fans back for more.

“I write about the “real stuff”…when someone hears my songs, I want them to say ‘Yeah, this guy gets me’. I just want people to be inspired by my music and lyrics. They should be able to bob their head, smile, and never get the songs out of their heads." - RC

Having gathered inspiration from Keith Urban, The Black Crowes and Need To Breathe, Rob has a unique style and persona that is captivating while remaining accessible and relatable to his audience. Whether he is performing in an amphitheater or a stripped down acoustic venue, Rob maintains a level of integrity and diversity in his music that is refreshing in today’s mainstream music scene.

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