DeDe Wedekind | DeDe Does D.E. after D.C.!

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DeDe Wedekind is an internationally recognized & multi-awarded Singer, Arranger, and Songwriter. DeDe just won 2016 IMEA ALBUM of the YEAR for “Dream of You”, and was named the 2016 Indie Music Channel’s BEST NEW ARTIST of the YEAR. In 2014 DeDe also had 2 Albums of the Year. Producers and Platinum Songwriters/Musicians she’s worked with: Andrew Fromm of N’Sync, Jeff Bova, Tim Pierce, Jim Pierce, Denny Fongheizer, Joey Leone, Kevin DeClue, George Hairr, Don Koch, and many others who’ve worked with: Celine Dion, Pink, Rihanna, Jewel, Michael Jackson, Hillary Duff and many others. She currently has 4 Album releases, and new single America United is playing on major US FM and internet Radio!

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DeDe's known for romantic & inspiring New Nashville Country-Folk-Pop & Singer-Songwriter Southern music: an uplifting fusion of several American Roots music genres. Her music's mainly Southern American country-folk, with rock, pop, blues, & Americana. She even sprinkles in some Inspirational, Celtic, classical, World music and Southern Jazz and Latino influences!

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