DE155 Joanne Janzen | Joanne shares her music all the way from Australia and Canada!

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Based in Alberta, Canada, Joanne Janzen’s life began in her homeland of Australia and was influenced by her father's musical talent. She was "born to perform", which was apparent immediately upon experiencing her unique vocal qualities and song writing abilities. Her country roots and small town heritage lend their personality to her lyrical creativity that touches on a multitude of human emotions including: love, adventure, life's joys and challenges, and relationship s- universal themes that everyone can relate to. Her smooth and natural vocal delivery of heartfelt melodies capture the essence of everything that is – what we all feel within. Music industry professionals and fans instantly discover an honest and inspiring talent.

Janzen's world tour with the successful musical production “Up With People” was the true beginning of her belief in her calling, to make a musical career the focus of her being. Joanne was called to perform the lead role in the show, touring for 18 months non-stop around North America and Europe. This truly global musical experience continued with the release of her first two radio singles in 2007 and 2008 produced by award-winning Saskatchewan producer Bart McKay. Joanne then followed the success of those singles with her first full length debut album titled "Sad Circus" released in January of 2012 which definitively summarizes the soundtrack of her life, as inspired by her children and family. "Sad Circus" describes life in Joanne's terms that "life is a balancing act - sometimes a walk on a high wire, sometimes a dazzling array of glitz and showmanship and nearly always three rings of melodic chaos". The first single "Everybody Knows Better" has garnered airplay on 40 broadcast radio stations across Canada that she
supported with more than 80 concert performances in 2012.

Her relentless ambition and love of live performance have led to winning the Northlands “Country Vocal Spotlight” in 2005 and a coveted spot in an elite group of Country Artists in Alberta known as Global Country. Global Country entered Joanne into the "North American Country Music International Competition" in 2006 where she took home the awards for Female Entertainer and Female Vocalist of the year awards in Tennessee. She was selected to perform at the "Summer Send Off" and "Mountain Radio Music" festivals where audiences boisterously embraced her dynamic live performances.

Joanne earned a Music Business certificate from Berklee College of Music in Boston and was nominated for the ACMA (Alberta Country Music Association) Female Artist of the Year and Fan's Choice Award for 2012. Her 2013 Australian tour and the release of the second single from "Sad Circus" called "You Take Me Home", which was named in the Top 25 songs in the 2012 "Australian Songwriting Awards", brought her back home to her roots. Joanne, along with Maritime Travel gave two lucky Canadian fans, via her promotion "You Take Me Home Ultimate Dream Vacation” the opportunity to win a dream vacation to Queensland, Australia.

Janzen also enjoys contributing to worthy causes in her community, as a musician and public speaker. Her song “Good Place” was selected as the official theme song for the "Alberta Community Cooperative Association Youth Camp" in Nordegg, Alberta, Canada. Joanne's live performance and motivational conversation with the teens had a lasting and memorable impact. In their own words, the experience will remain with them throughout their lives.

As a songwriter Joanne now not only has a solid catalogue of her own titles that she performs regularly, she also has numerous cuts on other Canadian Country Artists from across the provinces that can be regularly heard on the radio. Joanne is currently working on an EP of new original tunes to be released sometime in the near future.

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