David Goddess | Goodness, It’s Dave Goddess!

Dave Goddess and his Group drives the lonely and twisted road to rock n’ roll redemption, shifting gears between truth-telling ballads and gasket-blowing screamers with regard for neither fad nor fashion, trend nor taste. Known for their soulful, sweat-soaked live shows, the band has built a devoted following in their hometown of New York City and beyond.

“Beautiful World,” their newest release, is a 5-song EP that ups the ante for sheer bravado. The feelgood title track soars high as Goddess shouts “Screw it, let’s do it!” Powered by their trademark urgency and sonic brawn, the band takes a stripped down approach to some reflective yet rockin’ material as goddess sings about freedom, regret, love, religion, and wanting to get laid.

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The band never hides its love of classic rock, but somehow manages to make it sound modern. It’s painfully out of step, but somehow rides the bleeding edge. It wants to matter. It wants to make you think. It wants to rock your soul and break your heart.

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