DE133 Lloyd Clarke | Country Music Down Under!

TSA Award winner 2016, Lloyd Clarke, is a mature balladeer raised on easy listening, country and popular folk music which birthed a lifelong love and passion for singing, song writing and storytelling through music. In his early years, Lloyd was strongly influenced by artists such as John Denver and Neil Diamond, finding his own voice and style among the country/folk genre. Lloyd sang before he played the guitar, but after receiving his Grandfather’s acoustic Spanish guitar and a few lessons, he soon discovered a love for crafting melody and words together. Early song writing included love songs for his High School sweetheart who soon became his wife. A joy for entertaining family and friends throughout the years kept Lloyd’s enthusiasm as he captivated his audience and gently wandered into their hearts, evoking memories and emotions with the ability of transporting the individual to another time and place. In 2007 a turning p oint in his life brought him to a deeper desire to leave a legacy of all that is dear and important to him. The words courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice gave him the personal goal to have courage to make change, endure and learn from the hard times, being proud to be Australian, making time to be there for others and share of himself and his gift in a greater way than first imagined.

With the debut imminent of his first single "Great Mighty Murray" inspired by his love of the Murray River Region, his own connection to the river and the lives who have depended on it. "Let's us sing of its history and hope for its future, from the upper most reaches to the lower strong tides. Each generation shall witness it's wonder, as they stand on the banks and watch it roll by".

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