DE137 Naomi Psalm | We're Losin' It Over Naomi Psalm!

Award winning singer/songwriter Naomi Psalm grew up in Florida and began her music career at the age of 19. Naomi currently resides in Boise, Idaho. She has traveled to over 30 countries doing volunteer work involving music, as well as State-side touring. Her refreshingly honest indie pop sound can be compared to the likes of Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Merchant. Her lyrical content is relate-able, thought provoking and at times, fun and quirky. You will no doubt attach yourself to her music as see yourself in the words she so powerfully sings.

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She released her 4th CD STARE in May of 2011, and since then, 4 music videos and 4 singles. She was awarded *Best Female Vocalist* for the 2012 LadyLake Music Indie Awards. Her music has been on local radio and is currently on several online stations. She has opened for Carbon Leaf at The Knitting Factory, as well as Josh Gracin (4th place in American Idol Season 2). Her latest single 'Now You See Me' is the theme song for the independent film Ghostumentary. Her new song Shelf Life was produced by Scot Alexander of Dishwalla.

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