DE141 Kimberly Faith | Little Star? Rock Star!

She was born in New Haven, Connecticut but moved around from coast to coast during her younger years because her mother was a flower child. Kimberly's mother landed in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she met the man who would later adopt her and become her father. Her parents were typical hippies—where children didn’t go to school much, lived in teepees, school buses, lived off the land, etc. Drugs and marijuana were commonplace and she didn’t have much structure. Then, God intervened quite miraculously and both her parents accepted the gift of salvation. Although she didn’t accept God’s gift right away, the course of her life was changed forever. Her parents began sending them to school, her dad got a job, moved into a home with running water and electricity…and began attending church. Life was much more conducive to success…so she graduated from undergraduate school and during her first year of law school, she too finally was born again. The next twenty years she went on to get married, graduate from law school, have three children and settle in Missouri because of her then-husband’s military relocation to Ft. Leonard Wood. She hung out her shingle and began practicing law and have had an extremely busy law practice for over 20 years. She currently operates two law offices.

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She had no idea that she would ever write and record music or become
an author. It all began about five years ago when she was going through the
deepest valley of her life—her own divorce. Shortly after she began writing the devotionals, God inspired her to write music. Some of the songs, like “Never Alone” and “Walk On” were inspired by the struggles and growing pains of life and how God taught her to make it during those times. Others, like “Abba Father” and “Best Friend” were inspired by the experience of God’s Presence. The song “Pray (And Get Out of the Way)” was inspired by her mother. Although all the music is Christian, the genre varies widely.

The music and the books are exciting to her because God is using
them to help Kimberly make a difference and making other people’s lives better.

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