DE142 Shay Esposito | Whaddaya Say, Shay?

Shay Esposito is Canadian singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Canada.  In addition to music, she is a poet and aspiring author.  

While Shay continues to work on her craft, her songwriting has already received international recognition appearing as a finalist in the UK Song Writing Competition several times.  She was named top 5 in the Slaight Music's "It's Your Shot" (for Canadian Talent) and has received several nominations for the Edmonton Music Awards.  

Listen to Shay Esposito's How Does It Feel:

Shay is also a humanitarian spending a great deal of time speaking to youth and educators to bring awareness to youth mental health in an effort to eliminate the stigma of metal illness. 

 "My goal is to promote mental health awareness as well as the role that music plays in battling it. I wish to share how music has changed my life in the hopes that it may in turn help others throughout theirs." - Shay Esposito

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