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Robbie Tucker hailing from the east coast continues to bang against the restrictions of the conventional pop formula. His passion for his touchstones including Roy Orbison, Paul McCartney, and Elvis Presley are evident in his unique brand of pop/folk.

Listen to Robbie Tucker's I Dream of Magic:

His latest album Acoustic Fudge is Robbie’s fourth solo work and the first to be released solely through digital download. Once again and like his previous creations Acoustic Fudge finds Robbie acting as the band. Playing ukulele, guitar, arranging, singing lead vocals and harmonies.

Currently residing in Miramichi, NB this east coast music maker is still writing and creating.

In recent years Robbie was the focus of a documentary by filmmaker Gabi Kislat titled Musically Medicated.
You can watch that documentary here:
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