Paul PJ Taylor | The One-Man Band from the UK!

PJ Taylor wants to show the world that he still has a lot to offer - so he's working doubly hard to step up his already-epic music game a notch! 

He performs his gigs alone and calls himself a one-man band! Well, buddy, that ain't so bad because the music he produces is the bomb!

Listen to PJ Taylor's song (Easy Escape)

About Paul PJ Taylor

Paul Taylor (originally known as PJ Taylor) is a singer and songwriter from Central London with a passion for making music. He has a growing fanbase worldwide especially in the US, Australia, and Canada as well as UK. Though not an instrumentalist he can create the lyrics and melodies himself. His songs are catchy, well written and they are very meaningful and ambiguous to his listeners. Taylor started off performing covers of classic songs but it wasn't until 2006 when he realised that he had a talent for writing his own songs. Taylor was voted Unsigned Artist Of 2012, 2013 and 2014 on podcast Wills Room Live and he is becoming known to be one of the best songwriters in the United Kingdom. His first album You Ain't Seen The Best Of Me was released on 27th November 2012. PJ Taylor has revealed to his fans that there will be another album.

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