James Kevin O'Connor Formally Announces His Coaching Program!

Singer/Songwriter, Audio/Video Artist, Master Storyteller, Creator and Host of "Dharmic Evolution", (a Podcast like no other, and now in 25 Countries) is now Offering "Life Coaching" to those who are ready, and fit the profile of one who has come to embrace the crucible within their soul, rise to that challenge, and, start living like they were dying.






Stuart FM declares, There Has Never Been a Better Time To Be In The Music Business!

Stuart’s passion for music began at just 11 years old, when he received his first guitar. The son of an American military family, he learned his first two songs while in Italy – a local pop song, and “Gloria” by Van Morrison. He had all his firsts in Rome: his first kiss, his first cigarette, his first fight. Then he traveled, from Europe to Miami to L.A – playing in dive bars and street corners for tips, and performing in a number of bands.

As the President of Nia, Stuart used his business savvy to expand the company’s scope and reach into new markets. He channeled his love of music into creating Niasounds, a division of Nia that successfully brokered licensing agreements with artists such as Moby, Norah Jones, and Paul Oakenfeld.

Stuart is back at the guitar with new drive. His first self-titled album was produced by Rob Daiker, a Portland producer who has worked with Dan Reed and Slowrush. Stuart’s vocals seamlessly dance from gritty-bluesy to smooth-romance and are delivered with honesty.

A versatile and prolific songwriter, Stuart infuses his work with raw and tender emotions. He desires to ignite in others the fire which has been relit within himself.


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— James Kevin O'Connor

Owen Kortz Shares His Wealth With Others, Listen To His Music and his Story Here!

 Owen Kortz is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Denver, Colorado. Formerly the leader of the popular Owen Kortz Trio, Owen went solo in spring 2013 and has recorded a 3rd album, “OK.”

Owen’s music is a mix of introspective, funky, folksy and bluesy, with a smattering of humor — always personal and intimate, no matter how large the space, and always highly entertaining. His voice is a warm blanket and his deftly combined music and lyrics are a wash of summer rain — soothing but refreshing, making you think and feel, sometimes spurring you to jump out of your seat and celebrate! Owen strives to reflect a traditional folk/pop vibe with a message that resonates today. He’s the “anti” musician — the antidote to our busy, over-digitized lives.

Owen has been compared to James Taylor and John Denver, and has performed at concerts with Grammy-award winning, multi-platinum recording artist Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, legendary guitarist Pat Metheny and YouTube phenom Kina Grannis, and has recorded with the Bissonette brothers (Ringo Starr, Joe Satriani). Owen’s music has been featured on KGNU-Channel 2 News, and he’s a founding member of the Singer/Songwriter Program and LYNX National Arts and Media Camps at the University of Colorado at Denver, where he is on faculty.

Venues and festivals where Owen has performed include:

  • Ogden Theatre, Denver, for Gov. Hickenlooper’s Inauguration Celebration

  • Ride the Rockies Tour, CO

  • Walnut Room, Denver

  • Swallow Hill, Denver

  • Soiled Dove, Denver

  • Bluebird Theater, Denver

  • Evergreen Summer Music Series, Evergreen

  • Denver Chalk Art Festival, Denver

  • Los Angeles Downtown Festival

  • The Skirball Auditorium, Los Angeles

  • Room 5 Los Angeles

  • 32nd St Farmers Market, Denver

  • Run the Rocks 5K, Red Rocks Park

  • City Center EATS, City Center Park, Denver

  • Weddings

  • House concerts

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Kimberly Otte from Denver Colorado Sings and writes with Style!

Hello--I'm Kimberly, and I was born and raised in Nebraska. I have always loved music, but never had the confidence to pursue it--until now. 

After high school, I went into the military and lived in Hawaii for a time; I then moved to Denver and graduated from the Denver Art Institute. For a few years after college, I went through a hard time -- acting out, rebelling, suffering emotional abuse, and not loving myself -- all of this was caused by intense pain that originated in childhood. I searched for love through men, but of course, never found it. When I realized I was headed down a dark hole of destruction and may never get back, I knew I had to change. Since then, I've been taking several baby steps toward turning my life around.

My "aha" moment came one weekend, when a friend took me to a class on transforming your life. In that class, they said to go back in your mind to when you were a child -- and remember what you always wanted to do. For me, that was music. So, I got a voice teacher, Jenna Laurise, who has been instrumental in teaching me about music and helping me to grow spiritually and as a musician. I also started learning about Metaphysics and retraining the way I think.

Music is my lifeline. It's my therapy and a transformational tool in my life. Through music, I find myself and love myself, again -- and step out of the shadows of the past to face the future without shame.

My goal is not only to connect to myself through music, but to inspire others to find their inner voices. I hope I find a way to reach all -- especially women and girls who may have taken a darker path at one time or another in their lives, and are trying to find their way back, as well. 

No one has to walk alone. No one should be judged for what their pain has made them do.

I hope I make people think, and feel, that there is hope.


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— James Kevin O'Connor

Kati O'Toole Teaches us all about Online Music Production at Studio Pro's!

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Kati O’Toole. I’ve been the Head of Production at StudioPros for 7 years and counting. Like you, I love the process of writing lyrics, melodies, songs, recording music and releasing it. I’m an independent artist, singer/songwriter as well as a producer for StudioPros.

When I first started working at StudioPros, I wasn’t aware of online recording and how easy it was to collaborate online. Like you, I was skeptical of the process. Being someone that is always wanting to be 100% involved in the production of my own projects, I wasn’t even sure if I would like the process of recording online. After years of writing/recording/releasing material- I can say, I thoroughly enjoy the process!

7 years ago, Elad Fish, the owner of StudioPros made a bet with me. He said that I would one day stop recording albums at physical studios, and would one day convert to online recording. I didn’t believe him at the time, but now I hate to admit- he was right. Don’t you hate when your boss is right?

Life is busy. I’m a wife, a mother of a soon-to-be 11 month old and have a full time job (here of course, which I love). Getting into a studio to devote time to recording my projects is hard. I can say through personal experience, that collaborating online with StudioPros is a great outlet for recording your material.

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts take the West by storm with Outlaw Country!

“Ryan has a rhythm that will move your body, a voice that will touch your soul, and a song that will touch your heart.”

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts bring forth new energy to country music fans who love the heroes and outlaws of old. Influenced by the songs and personalities of legends like Waylon, Willie and Johnny Cash and driven with a deep love for blazing guitars, gritty lap steel and lightning fiddle, the band is a beacon for the next generation of classic hearts. You’ll hear Nashville sounds and new country twists for sure, they’re just cut apart and patched into the bedroll of Western cowboy ridin’ hard to beat the posse. This is Modern Outlaw Country.

Recent highlights include being direct support for Blackberry Smoke,  The Marshall Tucker BandJunior Brown and The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. The band will be on tour in 2015 performing across the Mid-West promoting their second full length album, Up From The North.

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Neil Barlow from the UK is a Gifted Songwriter who uses Emotion to touch your Imagination!

Neil Barlow, an internationally published Songwriter from Birmingham England, has had the honour and privilege of writing and working with some great people from around the world; Gareth Young, Tommy Denander, Neil Taylor, Michael J. Scott, Vicky Fallon, Bob Lamb, Larrick Ebanks to name but a few. These are all massively talented people in their own right and are an inspiration to Neil to write even more. Writing when inspiration hits him, with heart felt lyrics and music that touches the soul.

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Katey Laurel has a Heart of Gold, you can hear it in her Music!

The artistic roots of singer-songwriter Katey Laurel are both deep and diverse. Born to free-spirited, nature-loving parents in the early 1980s, she spent the first years of her life traveling coast-to-coast in a Volkswagen bus. When her family eventually made a lifestyle change from the freewheeling hippie life to settling on a ranch adjacent to national forest and 70 square mile wilderness area in rural northwestern Colorado, the isolated environment spurred Katey’s young imagination.  She naturally turned to creative pursuits. A lover of horses from an early age, she began drawing and painting her equine muses, and also began studying piano.

She draws inspiration from many musical styles—from the bluegrass and Appalachian roots records of her family’s early “hippie years” to the classic rock of Stevie Nicks and The Who; from 80s dance-pop cassettes including Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul to the alternative rock of the 1990s; and from the classical roots of her musical training to the piano-rock of Ben Folds Five. (Throw in a bit of Sarah McLachlan, Over The Rhine and Dixie Chicks for good measure.)

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Amanda Shaw, + The UK, + Singer/Songwriter= Committed talented Artist

Amanda Shaw is a singer-songwriter who simply compels you to listen. With her evocative, distinct voice as described by one reviewer, her accomplished vocals will ‘mesmerize’ you. Throughout her childhood and teens Amanda performed in many shows and musicals. Having written songs since the age of 13, her vocal and song-writing style has been shaped from her earliest to present day musical influences, some of her main influences include Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Lucie Silvas, Delta Goodrem, Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, and all styles of music from across a broad range of genres.

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Learn about the power of Instagram with Sue B Zimmerman here on Dharmic Evolution!

Sue B Zimmerman is the industry go-to Instagram expert. Her high-energy and passion for teaching social media is evident from the moment she takes the stage through her closing comments. Sue thrives off interacting with audience members and event attendees, and often makes herself available post-presentation to continue to the conversation.

Sue is a popular CreativeLive instructor, having taught 2 Instagram specific courses spanning over 6 days with a third course currently in production for November 2015.

Sue has been a featured speaker at the largest social media conference Social Media Marketing World. She has also taken the stage at Social Media Camp, Spark & Hustle, and Brand+Aid Conference as well as niche industry events such as GIFTE, UWColorado, and Romance Travel Forum.

Looking for someone to run an Instagram workshop? Sue also enjoys meeting in smaller groups to teach hands on as she has done at Massachusetts Conference for Women, and SSSlive. Whether your audience is small, large, social media savvy or beginners, Sue has a presentation to suit your group



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— James Kevin O'Connor

April Forrest is my Guest from Boston, Remember Jada? Behold the new April!

April Forrest has a wonderful sense of humor, she is a gifted Singer/Songwriter, dancer, model, and a down to earth gifted soul who makes you feel like your are welcomed into her world, and that you just made a new special friend...........Listen to her amazing voice, her music, and, her stories of how she molded her passions, dreams, and visions with hard work, determination and talent, into the artist that she has become today!

This is the story of April Forrest!

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Meet Ray Blue, Saxophonist, Musician and Educator!

Ray Blue’s music can be described as a fusion of straight ahead jazz and African groove. Ray is a New York bred saxophonist, composer, arranger and educator who performs and conducts workshops and master classes internationally.

Over the years this award winning New York based saxophonist has shared the stage and studio as leader and sideman with John Gilmore, Dr. Art Davis, Benny Powell, Kirk Lightsey, Bernard Purdie, Patience Higgins, Reuben Wilson, Danny Mixon, Wycliff Gordon, Bruce Cox, George Grey, Doug Sides, Wayne Dockery, Clifford Adams, Steve Turre, Belden Bullock, Ted Curson, Joe Lee Wilson, John Betsch, Calvin Hill, Michael Cochrane, The Sun Ra Arkestra, Cotton Club All Stars, Harlem Blues and Jazz Band and many others. He was also a cast member of the “Ray Charles Show” which toured in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy 2008 to 2010.

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Ann Burstyn is an amazing singer from "Dream Aria" a Canadian Progressive Rock Band

Listen to the Captivating story of Ann Burstyn and learn how she was the final "missing piece" of the puzzle that completed the Progressive Rock Band "Dream Aria"  You might hear shades of Renaissance, but the band has its own signature soundscape and resonance, feel it here in this weeks interview with James Kevin O'Connor on Dharmic Evolution, the show is now in 21 Countries in 16 weeks!

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Back to London! with Gesso Mystic Eyes, via West Africa, and Jimi Hendrix influence!


Gesso Mystic Eyes is a Singer/Songwriter who was born in Ghana West Africa, and now resides in the UK. He grew up captivated by the music of Jimi Hendrix, Juicy Lucy, Michael Jackson and many of the Western Pop Icons that were considered "Underground music" in his country, listen here to how many American artists influenced this African brother and inspired his creativity! Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate, and Review the show, we love when you do that!


Check out Gesso and some slices of his music on the interview!, don't for get to Subscribe, Rate, and Review in itunes, Click the link, we love when you do that!


Working with the Super Groups, Yes, Starship, ELP, Bad Co, Stevie Nicks etc! Here is Brian Foraker

Brian Foraker is a Mastering Engineer in Nashville who worked with Super Producer Keith Olson and recorded for Yes, 38 Special, Stevie Nicks, ELP, Heart, Kiss, Night Ranger, Jefferson Starship, Whitesnake, and Rick Springfield, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, WHAT A STORY! Click and Listen!


Listen to the stories of how Brian spent 10 years with the Rock Band Heart, then ended up recording with the hottest Producer Keith Olson, and the Biggest Super Groups in the World!



Rosanne (little warrior) Leslie is an Author, Speaker, and Life Coach!

Rosanne (little warrior) Leslie from LA California is an Author, Speaker, and Life Coach, if you are stuck or struggling with something, she can help you with your pain, and get you on the right track! Check out the show here!

Listen to the tales of healing with little warrior, and help yourself to her years of real life experience, and pearls of wisdom! She's giving you Pearls here!!



Today we visit the Music City, Yes, Nashville, with Bev Moser, Photographer

Bev Moser is a dedicated professional who decided to enhance her Dharmic Evolution by turning a dream into a reality. Coming from the midwest, with an idea, she has turned that idea into the brightest light, and continues to enhance other's with her talents and abilities. Click the link, and hear the whole story today!



Listen to the story of Bev packing up her life and changing it to become part of the creative fabric of the Nashville Community, she makes a difference in people everyday, Click the link!

Dharmic Evolution now in 20 Countries, we are in Ireland today with Music Producer Brian Sheil!

Listen to Brian's story of how he became an award winning music Producer on the Emerald Isle! You can tune in to all of the stories here, click, and be magically swept away!


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Thomas Edison created a machine to speak to the Dead! Timothy Plain makes a film about it!

Find out about Spirit Machine with Timothy Plain, as he created a film based on Thomas Edison's Invention to speak to the dead, and Yes, My Grandfather worked for him in West Orange NJ! Listen here!



Timothy also counsels James Kevin about the "Shoe Gaze" and "DOOM Music" learn all about it here!

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Thank you, We Love When You Do This!

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