DE53 Jacqueline Kellock from Calgary Canada Does Her Best Work In The Car!

Jacqueline Kellock was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and moved to Calgary, Alberta, in the late seventies. She found her passion in songwriting and only three years ago she teamed up with her producer and engineer, John Thiel, owner of Horizon Audio. It is here at Horizon Audio that her songwriter's demos are engineered and the mastering is done by Jamey & Richard Harrow at Thunderous Mastering. Jacqueline found a mentor in Dick Damron, who's words of encouragment have inspired her. She also worked with the late Farley Mowat on her song 'And No Birds Sang On The Beach Of Sicily', a song about his story during the WWll battle on the banks of Sicily. He wished her "Good ces to ye". 

Jacqueline is also enjoying co-writing with some great musicians.

I live for the stampede.

Susan Muranty from Sydney Graces Dharmic Evolution with her Artistic Beauty and Amazing Songwriting

SINGING IS LIKE BREATHING TO ME. It gives me wings, it fills my lungs with sky. And I'm all about the sky. I'm obsessed with stars of all kinds - actual, astrological and Hollywood old-style glamour. I adore the colour blue and love the curious fact that ... blue is the hottest flame. I live on an island in Sydney, one of the most civilised places on earth, but roar up a mountain-high fire trail in a four-wheel drive every night just to get home. My house is surrounded by wilderness but I am as passionate about fashion and beauty and art and food as I am about living with nature. Eleven is the most perfect number to me. Double that and you're in another world. I came to music through the medium of words- as a lyricist and a poet with a story to tell. Songwriting is magic. I believe you get what you sing. And that's why I sing about ... love. I'm also a sculptor with a studio on the wild, windswept clifftops of Manly's North Head. I work in bronze and recycled materials and am putting the finishing touches on a portrait bust of the painter Nora Heysen (the first woman to win the Archibald Prize) for the Hans Heysen Museum in South Australia. I guess you could say creativity is my passion - in fact, passion is my passion lol. I have a few foibles - coffee is one of them. Double shot, skim milk cap - or a Diva as I like to call it - and it must be freshly made, hot and in a actual cup not an upside down paper hat lol. Otherwise I'll eat anything - except for tripe. Or whale. My son is a teenager, boat-mad and beautiful. In him, the Vikings reign again, but with 40 horse power engines. He's the real reason I live so close to the water. Although I am a mermaid. The surf is like flying to me. Words matter. Without them, there is no song, just a piece of music and a singer with nothing to do. I love teaching. It's another way of performing and I delight in that sense of sharing what I know, of opening up the music box of the world to young songwriters. My mantra is ...words have power; stories must be told; songwriters know how to tell them ... and so often in the company of other songwriters. Make a song with someone you love and your friendship will be bound up forever on a soul level that's hard to define. It could just be all that oxytocin you release together - or it could be the sheer joy of sharing such an amazing experience. 

I promise to buy a dress only if you buy me ethically sourced diamonds Kevin

Jaye D Marie From Calgary Canada is a Super Creative, Music, Songwriting, and, Cartoons!

Thanks to musician, recording engineer and producer, Miles Jackson for arranging, recording and producing my new album, 'Dreams of Blues and Barroom Tunes.' This album features songs from co writers and songwriting friends; David Jewell, Bonnie McGill, John Kitsco & Gerry Dere, Lucy LeBlanc, Gary Loyd, Jacqueline Kellock, Pat Nelson, Colin Gordon-Fairleigh and Greg Scheer.. Thank-you to musician, Jeff Muller for recording, arranging and producing the songs from my first album (Jota) & especially to my deceased Auntie Eileen (Eileen Aubert) for sharing your songs with me and inspiring me with my music. Thank-you musician friends Carla Olive, Jarred Albright, Dave Hamilton, Don Berner, Doug Zimmerman, Ryan Hertzog, Jeff Muller and Miles Jackson for your help in playing your instruments to record my material. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I've lived in Calgary for several years. I'm a mom, school teacher, singer, songwriter, cartoonist, artist and entrepreneur. I'm world traveled so have performed, lived and worked overseas and have seen many different countries. I love to play the piano, recorder, some guitar, sing, read, swim, camp and go out country and swing dancing. I'm very excited to be working on 2 more albums, a country/jazzie/blues collection of songs out winter 2015/16 and a Gospel album out in 2016. As well as working on my music, I'm enjoying working on future ideas, stories and cartoon characters for kids. Thanks very much for stopping by!

Music I do Schedule, Cartoon Characters, I just come up with them, I think of a name and think what they look like, and there you go!
— Jaye D Marie

Sophia May From The UK Can Get You Up & Dancing With Her Amazing Voice & Songwriting Skills!

Introducing, MISS SOPHIA MAY, a beautiful, singer/songwriter, who with UK producer Bellatrax hit the #1 spot in the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart for three weeks in a row with “I CAN’T HELP MYSELF” (Nervous Records) and was voted #2 Dance Airplay Song of 2008 in Billboard taking the lead over artists such as Cascada, Natasha Beddingfield, Mary J Blige and Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake. It was #1 on Hot 96 Charts in the U.S.

SOPHIA started her professional career at 16 and opened for some of the UK’s best such as Bristol based group Offside (Warner), Colourstone, and Kosheen.

Spring 2009, her second single “ANOTHER DAY” (Nervous Records) reached the top five on Billboard and was on all radio playlists around the country and stayed on the Charts for 17 weeks and was voted the #20 Best Dance Airplay Song of the Decade in Billboard Magazine for 2009.

SOPHIA has appeared at various Clubs in the United States and UK. She has done shows along side Lady GaGa, Michelle Williams and Cindy Lauper. Most recently she performed with Mr. Hudson at a gala in London.

SOPHIA is in great demand as a singer, songwriter and has been asked to collaborate on numerous projects with many young producers and artists. Including writing and recording with the legendary Gloria Gaynor (“I Will Survive”). Her talent, passion and creative energy continually finds her working on new joints with some of the most popular producers around like Sunfreakz, Raz Nitzan, David Bernardi, Bellatrax and others.

When not performing or writing music, SOPHIA, spends her time being a mom to her young daughter, working with youth at risk, and loves playing sports in her hometown of Bristol, England. A little known fact is that this statuesque beauty was a correctional officer which is where she saw first- hand that a good role model could change their lives in a positive direction. SOPHIA visits schools whenever possible to offer words of encouragement and empowerment.

In light of the recent disasters around the world SOPHIA has offered her performances for fundraising organizations.

“COME BACK” (Nervous Records) with mixes by Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupfer and Digital Dog came dropped in November, 2009 and the song charted at #6.

“I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU UP” (NP Records) Obsessive featuring SOPHIA MAY is playing all over the country including Europe and Asia.

“TAKE ME THERE”, (dub step) released this year 2011 in the UK to favorable response with radio airplay and from her fans and can now be found nationwide.

View SOPHIA’S moving song and video “BELIEVE” which she co-wrote and performs with Wu-Tang Artist/Producer, Moe Roc and Produced by Parris Pierce and Ninth Letta. Their inspiration was to motivate youth to stay in school. The Video shot by director Joseph H. Bernard was filmed on location in New York City and Bristol, EN and is a popular request from teacher’s and has been played in elementary and middle school assemblies. Whenever possible SOPHIA and Moe will perform the song live for the student’s.

SOPHIA was approached by the International Reggae Artist, GYPTIAN and together they wrote and released “NAH COME OUT” check it out online.

Whilst touring the States SOPHIA also found time to collaborate with hip hop Artist, DJUKES from Brooklyn, NY, the album can now be downloaded and purchased on line . Check out the first two singles “I Be On some other Sh–!” and “Break it Down.” Again, showcasing SOPHIA’S versatility. DJUKES travelled back to the UK with SOPHIA to do some shows and shoot a video which is coming soon. They were married in 2013 further building the music bond along with their family.

Sophia has worked on projects with G-Unit who’s Label owner is 50Cent, she wrote songs for Lea, their artist. Sophia Also has new dance singles of her own out. One of them ‘real love’ reaching number 11 on the beatport chart in 2015 through Tazmania Records.

Sophia wrote a song for MTV star Lateysha Grace from ‘The Valleys’ and the song called ‘You Beautiful’ went top 20 in the Official UK Chart.

Sophia’s latest single with “Kontor Records” has been doing well across Europe and set to do even better after being Licenced to Tazmania Records for this summer.

2015 Summer is set to be a big one for Sophia, after already having a song placed on the Snickers Commercial accross America. She has released new music through Tazmania and is currently touring the UK on an acoustic project with Nathan Hood.


England is Massive with House Music right now, that’s what it is really, I would say that dominates the charts here
— Sophia May

Jordan White, Philadelphia Singer Songwriter Creates Great Music by Learning from the Masters, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, & Billy Joel!

Born in Cranford, NJ, Jordan White was raised in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where he learned to play guitar and classical piano. White explained that depression he experienced as a teenager was the motivation behind writing his own music, revealing that music "saved me from being another statistic." White began playing keyboards in a class project led by his teacher in elementary school and was later inspired by his father's vinyl record collection. White says his musical influences "started with singer-songwriters out of the 1970s," referencing Van Morrison, Jackson Browne and Billy Joel. He also cites Guns N' Roses, Counting Crows, Tom Petty, The Beatles, & Ritchie Valens.

White has shared the stage and opened for national acts such as Third Eye Blind, Vertical Horizon, Bowling For Soup, Sharon Little, Ryan Star, Crystal Bowersox and Katharine McPhee; White also advanced through the early rounds of

"Four Songs" now available on iTunes, Amazonand

American Idol during season 5 but has since publicly criticized the selection techniques used by producers of theshow. After being dismissed, White was offered and signed a management contract with Media Five Entertainment.

White's first break into the music industry occurred in 2005 when a demo n recorded was included on a compilation in Australia on Bamboo Bird Records. In November 2007 White was a finalist in the Lehigh Valley Acoustic Competition and in 2008 KineticBlu was nominated for two Lehigh Valley Music Awards. White performed for a sold-out audience on December 31, 2008 for Musikfest's "First Night in Bethlehem" annual New Year's Eve concert in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

White is known to frequently perform at fund raising events, notably in January 2010 to benefit the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake with Wyclef Jean for The American Red Cross in and at the "Songs For The Spill" concert in Allentown, PA to assist the clean up from the Deep Horizon BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

In February 2010, White's original song "September" recorded with KineticBlu, was selected by Sony Music/Red Distribution for inclusion on a national release of hot new musical acts and is available on, iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. The song put the Pennsylvania-based band into the spotlight, and with over 1.5 million hits on Myspace it had clearly struck a chord. Says White: "I wrote the song about September because thats when summer comes to an end, and even though chances are we'll get to see another, it's possible we won't." In April 2010, White performed his original song "Crazy Girl" live on WFMZ-TV Channel-69 News and performed at the annual Tunes at Twilight festival to a record breaking crowd. White has also performed at the Tunes at Twilight Festivals in Bethlehem, PA and at campaign fundraisers for U.S. Congressional Candidate Jake Towne.

In August 2010, White himself was nominated for three 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Awards for Best Songwriter, Best Lyricist, and Best Band Website, being chosen amongst 3,000 other fan and industry nominees. White performed at the awards ceremony on December 5, 2010 in which was well received. Since then, white has performed as a solo artist and with several acts, popular east-coast cover band The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, the acoustic trio Foreplay and alternative rock band, KineticBlu.

KineticBlu was named Alternative Addiction's "Next Big Thing" for October 2010 and performed at the fifth annual Bethlehem Harvest and third annual Blue Mountain "Rock The Fall" Festivals, and in February 2011, White performed at the 15th annual Millennium Music Conference & Showcase in Harrisburg, PA, an event which draws nearly 300 musical acts from across the country. In May 2011, White performed at the Paul Robeson Arts Center in Princeton, NJ which was televised on Comcast and Verizon FIOS and performed at 2011 Musikfest, held annually in Bethlehem, PA.

White spends much of the songwriting process fine-tuning lyrics and is known to occasionally alter verses in the middle of performing.Much of the lyrical material deals with personal relationships, the divorce of his parents, and "how people just stop talking and the second things gets difficult they'll walk away." He adds, "I really like lyrics that are personal but sometimes they become broader to apply to others; although there's a fine line between doing that and making it obvious."

In a June 2011 article, White told The Philadelphia Daily News, "The songs are inspired from the life that I lead and the lives that I see. They are often about wounded people. People who are flawed and the flaws I find in myself; being caught in the grey area between what you want and what you can't have. That's not to say I can't write about positive things, theres an enormous element of faith and hope in what I write. I see both the beauty and heartache in people.Sometimes it's like saying, well, I really made a mess of things this time, but I can't wait to see what happens. I'm extremely inspired and moved by the environment I'm in." Also, in 2011 White performed with both American Idol runner-ups Crystal Bowersox and Elliot Yamin at Stabler Arena to benefit juvenile diabetes, a disease which both Bowersox and Yamin suffer from.

White was then nominated for two Mongtomery/Bucks County music awards and performed at the ceremony in November 2011; and for the third time was also nominated for two more 2011 Lehigh Valley Music Awards, including Best Songwriter and Best Male Vocalist.

In 2012 and 2013, White finished up recording a new EP with producer Scott Tice, to include new songs "Bloodshot," "Maybe Amy," "No Promises", and "Before I Go Out." The EP, entitled "Four Songs" is available as of July 2012, in stores, and on iTunes and Amazon. White also performed with Grammy-Award winner Richard Smallwood and performed for many charitable events including "Alex's Lemonade Stand."  "The people who are making a living playing music, the reason they got to that level is because they see music as a lifestyle," White told The Northeast Times, adding, "It requires talent, dedication and endurance" also telling the Sun-Gazette that "there are a lot of setbacks and accomplishments. Often you take two steps forward and one step back. It's just how it goes." White also graduated Nazareth Area High School with actress/musician Kate Micucci, who stars in "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS.

Some people consider music just background, for others it is the ground
— Jordan White

James Kevin Unveils his Second Single from The Album "Gratitude", & English Bob stops by for Tea & Tales!

The story of the song "Connected" is unveiled in this Months presentation of "The Experience" its the second single from the forthcoming album "Gratitude" from James Kevin. English Bob stops by with his brightened suspenders that he had "Ostracised"  He enjoys some surprise Tea, and share tales of Woe!  Harry the Horse keels over and dies, Kelsey the Cow spots a Milliffed Poplot, then, rears up and falls over and breaks her Cranium. Dr Woofenboot comes to the rescue by shooting Kelsey in the hoof to take away the pain! 

English then reveals his famous and highly revered "Ubiquitous Lurchmont Move" (patent pending) he first attacks a Propane Tank, then a barbecue grill, and finally unveils "the move" on a smokestack! James Kevin suggests going on Shark Tank to visit with Mr Wonderful, but English does not have a TV, or Phone!  They then discuss the European Tour, a broken bunion in the Union's of London!, James Kevin does not like tandem bicycles, so English has taken them off the logistic roster! English Bob's pocket watch goes off and it sounds like Westminster Abby, signaling English to get home to Moma Bob has been slaving over a hot hearth cooking and enormous Yak with all the trimmings! Listen to the entire story here on DE48A "The Experience"

Moma Bob had made a huge batch of Bavarian Beans, so the simple fact was, it was just good old flatulence, I was a bit gassey
— English Bob

Heather Ballentine is My Favorite Pin Up Girl, and Today She is Sharing Her Christmas Kisses with You!

Music’s Favourite Pin Up Girl

Heather Ballentine, is a charming, talented, and down to earth southern belle.  She is an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, pin-up model, and actress.  Her life long pursuit of excellence began in Arkansas, where she was born.  She grew up with  passion for performing, and always knew what she was meant to do.  Her mother was named after Marilyn Monroe, which sparked Heather’s interest in pin up fashion, culture and lifestyle.  Her father, a musician with a fondness for retro music, encouraged her to listen to artists such as  Elvis, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Wanda Jackson, and Buddy Holly, which became Heather’s musical influences.

During University, Heather began modelling and was selected for the Catalina Swimwear campaign, which featured her in advertisements and on the runway.  However, she soon realized that her curvy figure would not be embraced by mainstream agencies.  Rather than be discouraged, she embraced her own pin up style and it became her mission to send a message that curves are cool.  She placed top-ten in the Miss Arkansas Pageant, and was the overall swimsuit winner, which assisted in paying for her education.  After graduation, Heather was cast to star as “Ado Annie” in Discoveryland USA’s production of “Oklahoma”.  Performing 6 nights a week, for 3 straight months in a sold-out amphitheatre, gave Heather a taste of stardom.  She packed up a U-Haul and moved to LA to pursue her music, acting, and pin up modelling career.

In LA, Heather met musicians with whom she collaborated.  The band toured 10 countries opening for major acts.  They were featured in The Wall Street Journal and noted as “Artist to Watch”.  As an actress Heather has had speaking roles on General Hospital, independent films, network television shows, and national commercials. She recently produced, directed and starred in, “Heather Ballentine’s Pin Up Parlour”, a YouTube tutorial series for women.  As a songwriter, she has had her music placed in numerous television shows and films. As a pin up model she has been featured in Pin Up Girl Clothing and Pin Up Couture Retro Footwear Vol. 1.

In 2011 Heather moved to Canada and happily adopted it as her new home. Based in Toronto, she is actively building her pin up brand.  She and her co-writer Lary Bartley, recently recorded with Grammy Winning Producer, Pete Anderson to create her album, “The Cat’s Meow”.  The first single, “Needle in a Haystack” was released in March of 2015.  Heather and Pete have created her own signature sound that appeals to big band, swing, country, and rockabilly audiences alike.  To see her unique live show is to fall in love with her personable retro charm!

Whether it  be in business, fashion, lifestyle, or music….this curvy classic’s style is fresh, unique, and unforgettable.

Music is now a different business, I am a brand, and a brand encompasses many different silo’s

Laramie Cooley is a Gifted Vocalist & Songwriter, You Can Hear Kilkenny Ireland in Her Music and Her Faith!

Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny’s Secret brings new meaning to modern music. With a bold approach to the pop and folk genres, merged with the harmonic rhythm of Ireland, their particular sound can only be defined as unique.

The band was established by Laramie Cooley and Joshua Chavez in 2011. It was put together based upon a trial jam session; during which, it was recognized that their different approaches to music could allow for a new and distinctive sound.

They were featured in Albuquerque Talent Magazine and are currently #1 in Folk music locally on Reverbnation and continue to move up in the Global and National charts.

Vocalist Laramie Cooley- 

"I started to sing at the age of 2 as my mom used music to teach me to spell my name, from then on I was hooked and music became my dream. Growing up, my parents gave me the freedom to listen to every genre of music I cared to explore, and that taught me to have great respect for the artists no matter what their particular style. The artists that have influenced me the most would have to be Stevie Nicks, Reba McEntire, and Alison Krauss. These women have three different styles, yet they all have one thing in common, they are amazingly gifted! They have inspired me so much, in listening to them and the way they control their voice and communicate through a song. I have to say that writing is probably my favorite aspect of doing music. I feel as though everything my heart has been longing to say is finally being allowed the opportunity to be heard. I praise God for this process. I give Him all the credit for every song and every note. 

My relationship with the Lord is the biggest most important thing in my life. He is my savior, my God, and my friend. His love is never ceasing and His faithfulness is beyond measure."

Lead Guitarist Joshua Chavez- 

"At the age of 10 I picked up my first guitar and my parents saw instantly that I had a unique interest in music. At a very young age I remember listening to Led Zeppelin and thinking “Wow! I want to play the guitar just like Jimmy Page”. I was fascinated with his ability to run rampant through so many styles of music. I enjoyed listening to classical music as well. Andres Segovia, Pepe Romero and Manuel Barrueco are all classical guitarists whom I deeply admire. As a teenager Joe Satriani really changed the way I viewed and respected my guitar. He is a true genius and master of his instrument. Vito Bratta gave me perhaps the best gift a musician could ask for, the gift of friendship. He is the most creative and awe inspiring guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His unique approach to melodic phrasing and his unfathomable ability to piece together music, makes Vito the most talented, highly respected guitar player in the world. Vito, I love you man. 

Finally, my biggest influence in music is God. He has always been there for me and has always given me the courage to keep strong and remain faithful. I owe Him my life."

I have dreamt of going to Ireland since I was very young, and I have had many invitations from musician friends, its been very tempting, I am hoping to get there in the next year

Chas Castell from the UK, now in LA shares Strategies of Combining Business with Artistry!

Hooked by the Brit pop sound as a teenager in the early 1990s, English-born Chas Castell is a 7-foot tall, LA-based singer/songwriter who fuses the guitar driven styles of artists like Radiohead and Oasis, the lush acoustics and orchestrations of Damien Rice and Ed Sheeran, with the classical songwriting of Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Burt Bacharach.
With an MFA in Film Production from Boston University, Chas founded and sold his own digital media company, earned a nomination for the Student Academy Awards, started a blog for the BBC, and designed the first mobile network for Warner Brothers, before bringing his intellectual and creative talents back again to his musical aspirations.
In 2012, Chas and his brother Dave formed The Castell Brothers and released their debut album, mixed by Kev Poree (Radiohead). In the same year, Chas and Berklee Grad, Jessica Mellott, formed Mellott and released their debut EP, produced by Andre de Santanna (Jason Mraz), which earned them a featured artist spot on Myspce and Reverbnation. With both bands, and solo utilising loop-pedals and triggers, Chas has performed extensively throughout LA and the UK. His songs have been placed on Sony Playstation and Tiscali.
In April 2015, Chas released his first solo recording (on the same day as the due date for his second child), mixed by Grammy Nominated Nels Jensen (Sigur Ros). In July he released a second EP with Mellott, engineered by 'The Young And The Restless' composer, RC Cates.

As a father of two, Chas is heavily involved in music education for children, acting as business liaison for Education Though Music LA and running his own record label, the 'I Can Change The World Project' that teaches songwriting to teenagers, focused on creating music to bring about social change. He also designed and teaches his own course 'Project Management for Musicians' at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles', utilising his 10+ years of digital management experience.

The challenge with Artist’s is, that we just want to write, however, there is so much more to be done

Jennifer Logue Teaches Us How To "Rock On Philly" She Has A Heart, &, A Voice Of Gold!

Jennifer Logue is a singer/songwriter with a lot of soul and a knack for writing catchy hooks. Her music has appeared on MTV and ABC as well as film. She's performed at Virgin Mobile Freefest, CMJ, the Madeira Film Festival, and unofficially at SXSW.

As an artist, she got back into the game only recently, after taking a two year hiatus to work more behind the scenes, promoting other acts with the website she founded, Rock On Philly.

In 2015, after heartbreak, a major health scare, and the death of a friend and mentor, Jennifer found refuge in music once again: 

"I don't know why I stopped making music. I guess a part of me felt that I gave it a shot and it was time to try something else. Maybe I just wasn't good enough... But when you're an artist and you don't create art, you're left with this gaping hole. Giving up for a while reminded me why I started making music in the first place. It wasn't about being 'successful,' it was about connecting with people on an emotional level, on a human level. It was also my own emotional release, my therapy. It feels so good to be back and to have my heart in the right place."

Songs are like your kids, you want them to grow up, and see that they are taken care of

Clodagh From Australia Explains To James Kevin How To Be A Poetic Princess!

Armed with the fearless and untameable voice of one who likes to think she has survived the highest highs and lowest lows, Clodagh, a musician as unusual as her name, lives purely to tell those tales. 

A unique blend of styles that draw on Celtic roots to grow into something raw and new; she wields a storyteller’s dramatic flair and a magnetism that takes her truths and transforms them into metaphysical journeys where nightmares meet dreams. 

Home grown in the country town of Armidale, she spent her youth running barefoot through the nearby pine forest and singing to the wind, only actually picking up a guitar at the age of 13. Finding an instant affinity between the strings, the messy prose in her notebooks, and the depth it gave her howling, Clodagh’s path grew delightfully twisted as she set about capturing her experiences through music to make sense of the world; defying and embracing it in song.

When the oppression of all the memories a small town can soak in became too great, she migrated her learning northwards to the Gold Coast, where she studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Moving into a constantly rotating share house of musicians; Clodagh performed, drank, and sang in stairwells; carefully honing her art into the form it has taken so far.

Satisfied by the tears she caused when recently featuring at the Australian Celtic Festival, she has since followed her muse to Sydney where she now resides. Clodagh currently spends her days gigging and busking, slowly growing tolerable on the violin and harp, and trying to find inspiration in the apathy of a very genuine content.


Iphigenia is a big sort of dark story about sacrifice and betrayel
— Clodagh

Bob Cannon Talks About His Evening With Harlan Howard, Blazing Saddles, Too Many Train Stations, & Fine Guitar Playing!

Raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Wilmington, Delaware, Cannon has played from Maine to Florida with a stint in Nashville. He’s also raised a family and pursued his career writing about music for magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Performing Songwriter. Now the New Jersey-based Cannon steps away from the computer keyboard to release his debut album, Unbreakable Heart. The 14 songs here add up to an incisive, witty collection about love, dreams, expectations, the working life—and the Three Stooges—that brings together eclectic Americana styles and the wry pop wit of Randy Newman.

Using his experience from what he estimates at “a thousand bands,” Cannon displays his skills on a range of instruments from guitar, piano, mandolin, and dobro. Assisting him are the cream of New York’s session scene, including bassist Michael Visceglia (Suzanne Vega, Rachael Sage, Cliff Eberhardt), drummer Frank Vilardi (Suzanne Vega, Rosanne Cash, Lucy Kaplansky, Shawn Colvin), violinist Gary Oleyar (Loggins & Messina, Vassar Clements), cellist Stephanie Winters (Rachael Sage, Dar Williams, Catie Curtis, David Wilcox), plus New Jersey talents like accordionist Andy Sandel, bassist Bob Mellman and vocalists Carrie Cantor and Alisa Harmon. 

“Like most kids back then, I got turned on by the Beatles,” he says. “But while everybody else was screaming and talking about their clothes and hair, I was listening to the songs. That to me is what made them cool.

“From there I tried to soak up everything I could. The radio, of course, because that era gave you everything from Motown to Merseybeat to Stax/Volt to Johnny Cash, even Napoleon XIV, all on the same station! I discovered rockabilly and country music after seeing Carl Perkins’ name on their album covers, plus Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and the rest. They all had killer tunes, and I decided that’s what I wanted to do. Later on, people like Elvis Costello, Steve Earle, John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell, Jackson Browne, Foster & Lloyd, Richard Thompson and Nick Lowe were all on continuous play on my stereo.”

Meanwhile, his career in journalism brought him in contact with the brighter lights of Nashville in the ’90s and ’00s. “Writing about these people and meeting them all was a real eye-opener,” he says. “I noticed that they all stressed the characters in the songs. The story had to be strong. That’s important.

“But also, none of them were ever satisfied with what they had just written. Heck, I got to spend an entire evening with Harlan Howard, who’s written, oh, about a hundred million country hits. And even he spent most of the time talking about what he was planning next.”

On Unbreakable Heart, Cannon shows he took those lessons to heart. From the breakneck rockabilly-flavored opener “Oh Cecelia,” Cannon launches into a head-turning set of styles from the swampy working man’s lament “Hardly Working at All” to the driving rocker “Weapons of Mass Seduction,” then dialing it down for the jazzy blues of “Since You’ve Gone.” There’s the witty country stomp of “Relationships” and the lounge lizard’s ballad “Table for One,” plus the the Dylan-influenced “Your Great Escape,” which details the sobering events of a computer date gone awry.

“I’ve never liked records that sound like 14 versions of the same tune,” he says. “And I don’t think fans do, either. They want to be surprised, and I think sometimes performers forget that the folks on the other side of the microphone paid their money to be stimulated, whether it’s to have their thoughts provoked, to get introduced to some new sounds or to just cut loose and dance. That’s what I’m after, to give them an album—or an evening out—that they can’t get anywhere else.”

I never liked records that sound like 14 versions of the same tune
— Bob Cannon

Joe Romeo, a Doctor from Australia, writes Beautiful Christian Rock Songs!


Joe here, just updating my profile. 
OK, well, I'm a married man with six kids, working as a doctor, and less addicted than I used to be, to the successful songwriters dream. 
My better songs are inspired by believing in God's forgiveness in Jesus. 
I hope you enjoy them. 
In case your wondering, most of the songs here are sung by professional singers, if you want to hear my voice, it's on the kangaroo song. 
Take care

My better songs are inspired by believing in God’s forgivness in Jesus
— Joe Romeo

Jenn Herman is a Social Media Expert, and Blogger, Listen to her Wisdom Here!

My name is Jenn Herman – yes, that’s Jenn with two “n”s. If you grew up in the 80s you probably had at least 4 or 5 Jen’s in every class! So, it became important to differentiate ourselves and I became two-n-Jenn.

I currently live in San Diego and I am so blessed to call this city home! I’m originally from Canada, having lived in BC, Alberta, and Ottawa, but came to the US in 2003. I am a SoCal girl through and through and now officially complain when the temperature drops below 70 degrees! 😉

Over my various jobs and careers I have garnered a unique perspective on business and what drives success. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry and retail industry as well as customer service and sales. I have won awards for my customer service skills and how those skills have helped the companies I worked for. I have learned the utmost value of true customer service and believe that all successful businesses are built on great customer service. I have also worked in the corporate world and in the government contract industry in both land systems and aerospace sectors, holding positions in administrative capacities, HR, marketing, and IT. All of these positions have helped me understand how decisions in one department can affect so many others. I bring this knowledge and awareness to all of my marketing tactics and training to ensure my clients see success with their online marketing efforts.

I enjoy working with people and coaching or teaching others to maximize their skills. I’m always looking for ways I can help others achieve their business goals. I tend to be a perfectionist and insist on giving customers my best product every time. In order to be this tedious, I am hyper organized and always have an abundance of to-do lists and checklists on my desk. I firmly believe that organization is the key to success. I am also, however, a creative person and enjoy bringing my design and artistic contributions to everything I do. On my down time, I like to use my creative whims to draw or bake or find other crafty things to do. I am also an avid baseball fan and try to get to as many games every year as possible.

Since starting Jenn’s Trends in 2013, I have become a globally recognized expert in Instagram marketing and social media marketing. My blog has won the prestigious award of being a Top 10 Social Media Blog in both 2014 and 2015. I have had the honor of speaking at multiple social media conferences, teaching business owners like you the value of Instagram and social media to grow your business.

I have been featured in a variety of media and publications including the following:

My goal in my blogs is to bring you relevant social media and business trends and discuss their applications, implications, and benefits. I will write from my perspective about the things I enjoy and use regularly. You will see that my writing style is casual and detailed. Be warned, brevity is NOT my strength. And my long-winded posts often reflect that. When I write a how-to post, it will be clear, detailed, and as helpful as possible. I also write with sarcasm, random rants, and other feelings. I believe that you should feel like you and I are really sitting down, having a conversation when you read my posts. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my articles!

I am obsessed with social media marketing and I want to help you succeed with this modern marketing tool!
— Jenn Herman

James Kevin Debut's his new single "Tango On" Launches his new Series "The Experience", & Jacked up Jimmy stops by for a Loud visit!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 4.56.38 PM.png

James Kevin launches his new Series "The Experience" now to be a regular feature on the last Friday of each month. Today's show features a brand new release of "Tango On" the first single from his forthcoming album "Gratitude" Jacked up Jimmy stops by for a surprise visit, talks about how he needs a "sit down" with English Bob, and ask's James Kevin to set it up! "He's got me waiting in the Lobby! " Jacked up states about English the conversation goes into bowling, and a sprained scrotum, "Jacked up" ends up cutting it short as his beeper goes off and he needs to get back to the job site to throw a guy off a roof!


Hey James Kevin, I gotta run my beeper’s going off like a house of fire, its the Union calling, I gotta go throw a guy off a roof!
— Jacked up Jimmy

Lisa Casalino is a Jazz Singer from Beverly Hills, LizaDoo has a crush on Mel Brooks!

Originally from Long Island, New York, the dulcet sounds of Lisa Casalino’s voice have been serenading audiences for nearly two decades. With beauty, charisma, stage presence and talent, Lisa has established herself as the darling “Songbird” and one of the most highly sought after Jazz Vocalists performing over 224 last year alone. Lisa's versatility to sing in many genres makes her the perfect match for any atmosphere, however it's her Jazz and Standards repertoire that have people coming back to see her time and again.

Lisa Casalino’s second album “I’m Old Fashioned” was released in May 2014. This record consists of six original tunes co-written by Lisa Casalino and international jazz guitarist Nate Najar along with four jazz standards we all know and love. Miss Casalino’s melodies are reminiscent of Gershwin and her lyrics of Cole Porter. Witty, fun and diverse in styles, this record is one you will listen to over and over again. Lisa’s debut CD “Introducing Lisa Casalino” has had worldwide appeal on Jazz Stations, Satellite TV and Radio. It was a great springboard for multiple television performances on Daytime Tampa, Studio 10 Tampa and 6 in the Mix Miami. Three original tunes written, nine favorite standards with unique arrangements and top-notch jazz musicians recording at Nola Studios in NYC were a winning combination.

Since the release of Lisa’s first album she has graced the stages of The Clearwater Jazz Holiday in which Lisa opened for Chicago, The Festa Italiana, opening for Joey Dee and Ybor City Jazz Festival to name a few. Lisa Casalino performed a one woman American Songbook show in front of over 8,000 fans at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, FL on July 4, 2011before the fire-works celebration. Miss Casalino has shared her talents on the stages of 54 Below, Etcetera Etcetera, and Birdland in NYC in 2013 as well as shared the stage with Mary J Blige and David Foster in a Christmas Concert for HSN. Top notch jazz musicians Nate Najar, Harry Allen, Kenny Drew Jr., Chuck Redd, Jon-Erik Kellso, Rossano Sportiello, Jeff Rupert and John Lamb, who played with Duke Ellington in his band, have recorded on Lisa’s records creating a sound unique and fresh, yet staying true to the classic renditions of the standards.

Lisa Casalino is truly a woman who is an incredible example of grace, charm and professionalism. Recently relocated to Los Angeles, whether performing at jazz festivals, major charity events, or countless hotspots around the city, Lisa Casalino is the new “it” girl and has all the characteristics of what a national and international performing artist is!

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Jessica Mellott sings like Kelly Clarkson & TIna Turner, she's shares with James Kevin all about the Vocals!


Jessica Mellott is a pop/rock singer/songwriter originally from Frederick, Maryland. Now living in Los Angeles, California, she is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, with focus on Vocal Performance and Songwriting. She has worked with such notable acts as the Boston Pops, the Isley Brothers, J. Geils, The Spinners, 3 Dog Night, and Frankie Beverly & Maze. Jessica has also had the pleasure of performing at the Las Vegas Hilton, Warner Theater, the Strathmore, and the Malibu Music Awards, among many others.

She has been the main page featured artist on numerous websites, including the very popular Zorpia and Windows Media Player. Her ringtones were featured on, and it was one of their most successful promotions to date, with over 6,000 downloads in 24 hours. Jessica was also a featured artist in the book, “Hacking MySpace: How to Make MySpace Your Space” c. 2006 Wiley Publishing, due to her popularity on the social media site. She has won numerous awards, including the Los Angeles Music Award for Pop Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year and the Washington Post Talent award.


In November 2012, Jessica released a 3 song EP that she co-wrote with songwriter Chas Castell, titled “Christmas in Love.” Jessica worked with a roster of talent, including producers Andre de Santanna (Jason Mraz, Sheryl Crow) and musicians Jaco Caraco (Miley Cyrus, Colbie Caillat), Tamir Barzilay (Cash Money, Bill Withers), Claire Courchene (Josh Groban, Macy Gray), and Tom Lea (Annie Lennox, Donna Summer).

New EP "Princess" now available here!  





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— James Kevin O'Connor

Heather Ann Havenwood Teaches James Kevin about Dating & Business!

Heather Ann Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss, is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies andmarketing. Since marketing her first online business in 1999, bringing together clients and personal coaches, she has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a home computer.

In 2006 she started, developed and grew an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months. Starting without a list, a product, a name or an offer, Heather Ann molded her client into a successful guru now known as an expert in his field.

Heather Ann has been named by a few as an ‘Icon Creator’ or the ‘Wizard Behind the Curtain’. She has instructed, coached and promoted hundreds of entrepreneurs leading them down the path to success. She has produced and managed over 350 seminars and events and hosted tele-seminars with many top online thought leaders such as Richard Flint, John Alanis, Susan Bratton, Alicia Lyttle, Tom Antion, Alex Mandossian, Legend Joe Sugarman, Anthony Blake, David Lakhani, Robert Shemin and many others.

Heather Ann currently is the Author of…Sexy Boss: How the empowerment of women is changing the Rule Book for sex, money and success (available on Amazon click HERE!)  and The Game of Dating and How to Play it: A rule book for divorced men stepping back into the game.

Heather Ann Havenwood is smart, sexy, savvy and now stepping out from behind the curtain to educate, enlighten and empower women entrepreneurs to grow or start an online business and live a fearless and fulfilled life.

Heather Havenwood

Be You! Be REAL! Be the BOSS of your LIFE!

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— James Kevin O'Connor

Michael O'Neal Shares his Wisdom, Humor, Racing, & Drumming!

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.  (Well...I say that, but the truth is, I have a few corners at this point).

I'm originally from Ohio, and lived there for 12 years.  Grew up Catholic (I'm a recovering Catholic now) and played every sport known to man when I was a little kid.  Became a Steelers fan back then.  Steel Curtain and all that. Got in a lot of trouble in school too.  (No surprise to those of you that know me).  At 12, we moved to a little 'burb outside Philadelphia where I was one of three gentiles in the entire town.  I had an entire drawer of Yamikas.  That was great...they were warm on my head and velour.

In between 10th and 11th grade my parents decided it would be a great idea to move down to a little redneck town in Florida called Spring Hill, which I hated for every second I was down there.  (Well, except for you rocked.)  In fact, I think my bags were packed on stage as I accepted my high school diploma.

I bolted back to Philly and had stops in Newark DE, Long Beach Island NJ, and Palm Beach FL, where I graduated from music school.  I then finished up undergrad at Temple University in Philly and studied communication, and this new thing called the "Internet".  (It was 1994).

I became a web designer, and worked that field for 15 years.  I still do design and development, but only if you hold a gun to my head.  In 1997 I moved to Boulder Colorado, and have lived there and in Denver for almost 13 years, until 2012 when I moved to San Diego.  After a few brief stints working for other people, I found myself to be truly unemployable around 2005, and have been on the entrepreneurial track ever since.

From 2004-2008, my parents would fall ill, and basically "level" me in all aspects of my life.  Emotionally, financially, etc...They both passed away in 2007, just 7 months apart.

I tried to "muddle" through 2008, and didn't have much success.  But I decided to take actual time to mourn, so in 2009, thanks to my wonderful friend Melanie, I went to Europe to spread their ashes everywhere I could.  You see, I had a "dream" as an adult to surprise my parents with a trip to Europe, so this was my best substitution.  So, I got a little Italian Parmesan Cheese shaker, and I ventured off into the wild blue yonder.  And they are *everywhere*.  In the Sistene Chapel, the Beaches of Normandy, Notre name it, they're there.

I arrived back in the States, healed, broke, and happier than I'd been in years.  But I knew that I no longer wanted to trade a dollar for an hour, so I went looking for something else.  That's when network marketing and internet marketing found me.   It's been 4 years since I found that world,  and the transformation it's made in my life has been nothing but profound. I've met amazing people in the network marketing, internet marketing, life coaching, and entrepreneurship world.  Every single day I learn from them and they impact me.

In August 2013, I started a Podcast called The Solopreneur Hour - Job Security for the Unemployable.  It's aim is to show the other unemployable people of the world the correct path to business success on their own terms.  It's been an amazing ride.  I'd love if you'd have a listen:

Thanks for listening. 


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— James Kevin O'Connor

Kylie Odetta Shows Us All How To Deal With Bullying, By Writing & Singing!

Welcome From Singer / Songwriter Kylie O

I have a NEW Q&A Video out so I really hope you enjoy getting to know me better! Thanks for watching!

Thanks for supporting my EP "BREAKING HABITS" - it means the world to me! PLUS watching my music video for one of the songs on the EP called "Already Gone"! The songs are available on iTunes and SoundCloud and more!

HELLO! And thanks so much for stopping by my website, I hope you're having a great day. My name is Kylie & I'm an indie/pop singer-songwriter and piano player with a love of lyrics and the the ability to connect through music. I am passionate about life and the fact that melody and song can express the inner most thoughts and feelings of the heart. I believe completely that each day is a blessing and a journey, and if you'd like to check out some of my music and join me on this crazy and beautiful ride then please do!! 
Love, Kylie

"The goal is to create art that moves people deep inside their souls, brings love to light and enhances the beauty and power of emotion." Kylie O

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— James Kevin O'Connor