Cory Singer | Moving Forward with Positivity and Passion

"Welcome to reality!" his mom told him. 

Thirty minutes later, he has written a song that speaks his heart and mind about the current situation he is in. That's talent and passion right there.

Cory has gone on an incredible journey, using his voice as his main tool. He has gone from national singing competitions on TV to performing his own shows and gigs. He is a masterful and talented artist, and you have to check out his music.

Listen to Cory's song  - I Can Do Anything

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John Kitsco | The Complete Musician

John is an aerial photographer, a musician, songwriter, and producer too! See? What did I tell you about him being all over the place. John tells me about his younger years, writing songs about love and heartbreak - oh yes, he also went through one of those moments!

Listen to John Kitsco's Pretty Little Sunshine Girl

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Amanie / Illfated | The Black Beauty from Saskatchewan

Moving to Saskatchewan from Sudan when she was three as a refugee, Amanie didn't speak much English. But you wouldn't guess she was from somewhere else from the way she talks (and sings) today. Amanie wants to remind everyone that people may look down on you and discourage you, and you will be devastated - but that's all part of life. What we can do is get up and move on.

Listen to Amanie's song

About Amanie

Music officially began after years of traditional dances for special events and even performing for Mayor Pat Fiacco at the centre of the arts. After years of toying with the idea, Amanie wrote her first song as early as 9 years old. By 12 years old, Amanie had recorded in her make-shift basement studio and performed many songs in public, began playing piano and producing and was leading the South Sudanese children’s choir. It wasn’t long before she wrote enough material to produce and put out the promotional album “lost with directions”.

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Idril | The Princess of the Elves Dazzles Us with Music

She sits down, puts her fingers on the guitar, and begins making music. It comes naturally to her. It comes from the heart. 

Listen to Idril's Sheep and Bears:

About Idril

Idril is as beautiful as the country she hails from and the music she creates. She brings life to words with the use of beautiful melodies she has crafted and carries out her masterpiece using her soulful and powerful voice.

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Anthony Everest | Sharing Love from the Heart to the World through Music

Anthony Everest is a homegrown artist. He has gone through so many trials in his life, from feeling like an outcast as a child to being saved from emotional issues by his faith. Music became his sanctuary, and that sanctuary is beautiful!

Listen to Emptiness by Anthony Everest:

About Anthony Everest

“Music and writing has helped me deal with adversity ruthlessly. Narcolepsy and Cataplexy has been a difficult experience for me to live with, but my creativity gives me purpose, drive, healing, ambition, direction; and suddenly, life has a new meaning to me. One being an Inspiration and the other to Give BACK” – Anthony Everest

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Crossroad Y | When Their Paths Crossed, Magical Music Was Born

Three creative souls met at the Central Business District of Sydney, Australia, and what came out of the meeting was nothing but pure art in the form of beautiful soft pop/folk music.

Crossroad Y brings their melody and topnotch songwriting on the dHarmic Evolution podcast. Check it out!

Listen to Comfort Me by Crossroad Y:

About Crossroad Y

A tasteful mix of pop meets folk with a progressive hint of soft rock, Crossroad Y is a blend of experiences, origins and influences, topped with beautiful harmonies that have resulted in a unique sound reminiscent of classic artists like Fleetwood Mac and ABBA.

Crossroad Y’s stories are often inspired by people and situations which they find compelling.

A metaphor for coming from different directions and meeting in the middle, Crossroad Y was formed in 2013, when lead vocalist Joanna crossed paths with talented songwriter, composer and guitarist John. Fabian, a gifted guitarist and soulful vocalist joined the band shortly after.

Their debut single, Funny Little Things released in February 2014 was honoured with two Semi-Finalist awards in the international Song of the Year contest and UK Songwriting contest, judged by acclaimed industry executives, producers and songwriters.

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Trevor Kevin O'Connor | Rockin' the Original Music School and Dr Scientist


Trevor Kevin has brought his awesomeness from being a student at the Original Music School into being a mentor. He is of genuine talent - I wonder where he gets it from.... 

As a part of Dr. Scientist, one of his main goals is to bring to life the emotions in the lyrics he writes. Their songs are sensational, and you guys better check them out!

Here's a song from Dr. Scientist:

About Dr Scientist

Calculation. Experimentation.

Dr Scientist has always been a bit of a mysterious character.....

Emerging sometime in 2013 when the sweat was dripping, an understanding was reached to bring energy, power, grace and calculated songwriting into a chemical sonic formula that could be received by the masses in dirty bars throughout the tristate and NYC area.

The Debut LP “Post Grad” was released on the heels of 2014 after much of the aforementioned formula was ingested. An eclectic offering of inner monologue run through various areas of the rock realm, “Post Grad” effectively captures the concoction that took a full year to brew.

Between writing melodies that have people asking 'who's the hot girl singing?' and crafting hooks that have people genuinely angry that it won't leave their skull- people are left to wonder 'is it all part of his plan, or is this just an elaborate experiment?’

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Joy Villa | Living Life Artistically

Joy Villa travels the world to share her artistry and music. She has such a vibrant personality, and seriously, it's contagious! I loved this interview with Joy, and this one is definitely something you shouldn't miss!

Joy Villa is also kind enough to give away a freebie to any who mentions DHARMIC EVOLUTION in messages to her!

Check out "The Darkness" from Joy Villa:

About Joy Villa

True to the lyrics of her song "Vagabond", Joy Villa is a singer songwriter who's never slowing down, she's lived in Hollywood, Seattle, Las Vegas, and now resides in NYC, touring extensively since 2012 to Asia, Australia and Europe.

Joy's favorite genre has always been rock and roll, and she considers herself lucky to be a female that looks different than the normal "Rockstar". A classic renaissance woman, she also paints, models, acts, dances, composes poetry, and writes books.

Joy grew up with an italian father and an African American father, blending two cultures to create a perfect mix. This "mixed life" outpours in her musical influences, listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to Diana Ross, to Blondie and Nirvana as a child. Joy is a natural music and theater performer, discovering her knack for the stage at the age of 5, in her first theater musical.

Joy blends rock, electro pop, and a dash of hip hop into finely written tunes that aim to motivate, inspire, and get the juices flowing n her fans. Kinky, unexpected, vibrant, spiritual, and bold, Joy Villa is a true entertainer, and feels blessed to be giving her many global fans "The Joy Villa Experience".

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Ni'Ela Rocks | The Girl with a Gypsy Soul Sings about Angels' Wings

niela rockss.jpg

Ni'Ela has always known that she wanted to sing. She knew she wanted to perform. And she knew that angels and their wings are her top inspiration. Ni'Ela considers herself a globetrotter and spreads her special talent and passion to the world.

Listen to Ni'Ela belt out one of her awesome songs:

About Ni'Ela Rocks

NI'Ela Rocks, an enchanting character of what it truly means to be colorful, vibrant, and among an extraordinary new generation of performing artist. Electro pop and velvet vocals will drag you into inspiration, style and depth. Her written material has led to collaborations with electronic DJs internationally. She began a trail of music on SoundCloud and took shape among other popular sites such as BeatPort, "Fashion Music" radio podcast & "Global World Dj Broadcast." Rocks caught the attention of A&R teams and is currently under review for commercial application."The American Vocal Diva," of Fashion Music Records (Moscow) is releasing her latest single "Keep On Rocking" as a feature to Moscow hit maker "DJ Favorite" A.k.a. Dmitry Kolv. Google Play or iTunes for top hits.

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Millie Manders | Pop-Punk Powerhouse from London

The powerful voice of Millie Manders conquers the dHarmic Evolution community. She's taken quite a ride in her musical career and has made herself known to be the pop-punk singer-songwriter that can totally bring the house down.

Millie sings about emotions and her own personal experiences. Many women will definitely resonate with her songs.

About Millie Manders

Millie creates cross-genre punk that is hard to ignore. With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section, the Millie Manders Music Machine churns out more raw punk fusion than you can shake a stick at, and she won’t be fading into the background of anyone’s memory any time soon.


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Jacked Up Jimmy | The Experience and 51 Shades of Grey

The last Friday of the month always means someone is bound to knock on my door and chat up about life and what-not! This month, Jacked Up Jimmy dropped by and cracked me up with his unique sense of humor and just his overall self. It was fun! He drove in on a backhoe! IMAGINE THAT!

In other news, I released my latest single for the album Gratitude. It's called "51 Shades of Grey" CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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Amy Rose | Country-Singing Canadian Chick Loves "Nash Vegas"

This Canadian chick sure knows her country music well, having grown up with the music and having loved it too! She's the bomb when it comes to belting out those country tunes. And can you guess what her favorite state is? Tennessee, of course! Because that's where here second home is: Nash Vegas!

She just released an epic song called "One of These Days" - and dHarmic Evolution has been granted exclusive access to it! Hear it first here! You won't regret it! Such a rockin' song! So proud of Amy Rose!

About Amy Rose

“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” said Juliet, in Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. The questionis, would they sound as sweet as THIS Rose? Part down-home country girl, part sophisticated musical veteran and “Redneck Diva,” Amy Rose has already earned a reputation for being one of Ontario, Canada’s best-known secrets. From her early years on small-town fair and festival stages, to her recent radio airplay, charting and awards, this Rose with the soaring vocal range and pop country sensibilities is on a journey to the world stage and beyond…THIS is the beginning!

Amy’s first two singles from her forthcoming third album, “I Just Want You To Know” and “(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck,” both achieved international airplay on more than 300 stations, worldwide. In April 2013, “I Just Want You To Know” reached #9 on the New Music Weekly country chart, while “Party” eclipsed that mark reaching #6 in September 2013. The video for the latter also received more than 400,000 youtube views, while earning a spot on the Y’allwire Top 25 Most Viewed videos chart. “Party” also reached #1 on the Indie World Country Record Report, the world’s first and longest running indie country chart. Both singles received Music Row chart action, with “I Just Want You To Know” peaking at #85. In the meantime, Amy received a 2013 Ontario Country Music Association award nomination for Rising Star, three nominations and one award win in the 2013 Independent Country Music Association awards, and 4 nominations in the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association awards, for which she won Country Entertainer of the Year. In January of 2014, Amy was nominated for 2 Nashville Universe Awards, Best Female and Best Music Video for “Party Like A Redneck.” Amy was also honored with a Barrie Cultural Grant. A win in the Sepoy Saloon Showdown led to an August 2013 opening slot for Big & Rich, in front of 15,000 people, at the Music In The Fields festival.

Next up is the release of “Sunshine,” the third single from “The Beginning.” Released on Sept 30th, 2013, it features some heavy-hitters on the studio scene: Mark Prentice, bass (Vince Gill, Keith Urban;) Glen Duncan, fiddle (Reba, Shania;) and Mike Rojas, keys (Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan,) among others. Produced by After Tuesday productions, “Sunshine” was the #1 Most-Added single at NMW reporting stations in its first week of release! It is currently #22 New Music Weekly, with a hot new music video release to accompany it.

Amy Rose grew up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, where she began her singing career at the age of 5. Her first public performance was in a singing contest at the Barrie Promenade Days, a local fair. A series of singing competitions followed, including her most memorable early moment: “It was at the Kinmount Fair,” Amy recalls. “I had been the winner for the previous three years, when I was lucky enough to meet one of my local heroes, Jason McCoy (2001 CCMA Best Male Artist.)” It was also during this period that Amy was trained in, and mastered the art of yodeling, earning her the respect of Ontario’s country music community. 

Amy’s first album, One Special Girl, was released independently, when she was 13. On the strength of this album, she landed a spot on Dorian Baxter’s Gospelenium Tour, opening for Joni and Cathy Twitty, the daughters of her then-idol, Conway Twitty. Other openers for The Wilkinsons, Emerson Drive and High Valley followed. Her 2nd album, The Last of the True Believers, was released in 2001, receiving airplay, and earning her the reputation as one of Canada’s best young female artists. A brief hiatus from recording gave Amy the opportunity to raise a family with her husband; passing along the strong values that have always been an important part of her life. During this period, she continued to inspire live audiences by performing for fundraisers and promotional events, including those for Opry Orillia, Opry North, Penetangueshene Centennial Museum, and other Midland events. But, Nashville began to whisper in this “Redneck Diva’s” ear…

In the Summer of 2010, Amy began working with After Tuesday Productions, best known for their recent #1 iTunes album by Derek James Tilley. Earning Amy comparisons to contemporaries like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, “I Just Want You To Know” and “(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck,” and “Sunshine” are just a preview of what lies ahead for this burgeoning vocal superstar. Remember, this is only the beginning…

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Alyssa Simmons | The Girl from the Motor City

You know what they say, "You can take the girl out of the Motor City, but you can't take the Motor City out of the girl!" Presenting to you today, a talented young lady who gets her songwriting inspiration while driving or even waking up from a dream. 

She moved to Austin to jump start her musical career, and I might say, she's doing pretty well for herself.

Here's my favorite song from Alyssa Simmons:

About Alyssa Simmons

Enchanting persona fused w/ explosive stage presence. Meet Alyssa Simmons, singer songwriter, music addict from the outskirts of Detroit, MI. Old school rock n' roll intertwined w/ catchy pop melodies & a voice that sounds like she quite literally has Motown in her veins. There's no question Simmons holds her own, she has grabbed the attention of some of industries biggest heavy hitters w/ her versatile songwriting. Recently releasing her fourth original studio album, Alyssa now resides in the 'music capital of the world' in Austin, Texas.

The little girl with the raspy voice, it was at a young age the Simmons family knew they had some kind of magic on their hands. At 9 years old, Alyssa began studying voice which led to local talent shows, recitals & competitions. At just 12 years old Simmons had already opened up for big named acts like Randy Travis, Diamond Rio & The Smothers Brothers. Alyssa would travel to New York City to perform at the historic Apollo Theatre as a Showtime Kid. She was titled ‘Detroit’s Super Singer’ at just 13 years old after winning Detroit’s biggest singing competition on WDIV. Simmons was invited to be apart of the national cast for Des Moines Iowa's Variety Kids Telethon & asked to be a guest performer at Jeff Daniels Comedy Golf Jam. Early on songwriting became her muse giving Alyssa the opportunity to travel to Maryland to record her first original CD ‘Difficult’ with her idol Eva Cassidy's producers Chris Biondo & Lenny Williams.  During that time Alyssa was flown to California by Disney to audition for the hit TV show later known as Hanna Montana. Her stage presence & charisma has also brought her in front of the likes of EMI, Trans Siberian Orchestra, William Morris & Atlantic Records & opening for Collective Soul, Leanne Rimes, The Temptations, Countours, Daryl Mcdaniels of Run DMC.  Simmons has helped to front one of Detroits biggest & best party bands, The Killer Flamingos. You can even hear her singing backups on Detroit native Ted Nugents latest album ‘Shutup & Jam’ on the song ‘Never Stop Believing (Blues).’ Alyssa was nominated for two Detroit Music Awards in 2015 for ‘Best Rock Songwriter’ & ‘Best Rock Album’ for her record ‘Now Or Never.’ Her latest release has also scored her the award for Best Pop/Rock Album at the Akademia Music Awards based in Los Angeles California. 

With nothing but open skies, Alyssa Simmons has a lot in store for her future & with a go getter mentality & free spirit, we’re all in for the ride of our lives.  

Source: Alyssa Simmons's Web site

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Angelique Bianca | Tales of a Traveling Angel

"People should be allowed to dance outside, under the stars and the sun."

An angel just came down from the heavens to serenade me and the dHarmic Evolution community. Yes, you heard it! I got the gorgeous, beautiful, and well-traveled Angelique Bianca with me on today's episode! Learn more about her journey, musical influences, and her what projects she's excited about right now! Check out the full interview below!

Check out my favorite song from her:

About Angelique Bianca

Angelique is a singer songwriter with a long career in the music business as well as DJ veteran. She's been featured on the cover of LA Times Magazine as one of the top female DJ's in the world and Vogue Magazine as a singer songwriter. She plays confidently any style of music and has the years of experience to work a crowd. Headlining from Ibiza, Los Angeles, Moscow, Germany, France, India etc.. playing some of the best clubs around the world. She's played thousands of sunsets in Ibiza plus a range of eclectic events from the hottest night clubs to concert arena's.

Angelique is featured in "And The Beat Goes On" Starring Jimi Mistry and ALL the top DJ's- David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong etc. . She is the only girl DJ/Artist featured in the movie. 
Here are excerpts - 
Movie trailer -
Interview with Angelique -


Source: Angelique Bianca Reverbnation page

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Hannah Lyndsay Lane writes Poetry in Math Class, While Stimulating Her Songwriting!

hannah lyndsay.jpg

Hannah Lyndsay Lane is very introspective and casts her spell with captivating melodies and inspired lyrics. Her music touches upon all aspects of human emotion and her unique approach to songwriting separates her from the average "singer-songwriter". Hannah's melodies are soulful while her delivery weaves its way into the hearts of her live audiences. At only 16 years old she's already recorded her debut EP of all original music, called "Breaking The Mould" which is available on iTunes. If you like a song, please share it on social media. It's all part of the game of building an audience. "Feel Good Vibe" is her pop contribution to show a little versatility. Hope you have a listen or two and become a fan! 
Her best friend and live duet partner "Lee Jean Jr." Pictured in her profile is making his way through American Idol as we speak. Go Lee!!! 
Hannah is currently working on her second EP which is going to be called "Handwritten."

I totally dig the music of Frank Sinatra and Tori Kelly.
— Hannah Lyndsay Lane

Katie Ann Leaves the West Coast for Buffalo NY, and Finds a new Vein of Creativity!

Recording artist, Katie Ann, wrote and produced her freshman album, The Ride. She is proud to independently release her album to the world. The Ride is a skillful eclectic fusion of genres. The album, all 17 songs, takes listeners on their own interpretive journey from the beginning to end. Each song is different and unique just like Katie Ann’s personality. Katie Ann is an interesting performer to watch because she is a classically trained pianist but she also mixes in futuristic components. She has a voice like no other, which makes her sound very unique. She is also one of the few artists using the newly released iRig set up while composing live on stage with apps from ipads and iphones. A band she plays in called "Appestra" was recently featured in a TedX festival in Buffalo, NY. "I was honored to perform onstage in such an innovative atmosphere, alongside such great artists."
Katie Ann is an Eighties baby from San Diego, California. She studied music on the west coast and began song writing in Southern California. Driven to stay original she never signed to a record label and instead chose to pay the dues to create her own album. Fazing in and out of studios Katie Ann took a journey writing music that ultimately ended in the recording studio of the world famous Goo Goo Dolls in Buffalo, New York. The sense of traveling and growth is very present through out the entire album. It’s a trip.
The Ride is about finding myself, my faith and love.”  ~Katie Ann
Katie Ann is currently writing and recording her new album called “Driven.” She will be releasing the album in the Spring of 2016.
Katie Ann has teamed up with her soul mate to make a difference with music. MC ZiLL and Katie Ann have successfully toured several markets together. Their Tour "Brainwashing The Ride" started on the Pacific West coast of the United States last Summer. This Summer Brainwashing The Ride will tour again but this time hitting major markets on the East coast to promote the release MC ZiLL’s new album “Brainwashing.” Katie Ann will also be performing sneak peaks from her much anticipated new album, “Driven.” Together the couple performs a dynamic high energy show that is versatile depending upon the venue. MC ZiLL hypes up the crowd with his mind-boggling lyrics and Katie Ann hits the soul with her beautiful voice and extremely talented piano skills. Watching Brainwashing The Ride is truly and unforgettable experience to enjoy.
The couple has been using their musical skills to make a difference in their community. Some of the songs they create advocate activism within government systems, especially public education. Recently the couple was interviewed on Time Warner Cable, ABC’s regional headline news and NPR Radio because of their positive and controversial message in their music video “We’re teaching.” The video caught wind and went viral bringing in nearly 20,000 organic views with in the first few days of its release. Click here to see the press release for "We're Teaching."

The couple also hosts a benefit show every year for an organization called "Music is Art." One of the many things the foundation is geared to do is help children of need obtain musical instruments in schools. Katie Ann is actively involved as a music educator in Buffalo, primarily a piano teacher in her community. MC ZiLL was part of an after school program called I.M.A.G.E (Individuals Motivated Against Gang Environments). The program taught high schoolers how to write and record music as well as book shows and perform. Katie Ann and MC ZiLL highly believe in making a positive difference peacefully through music. 



The only person that can hold you back is yourself.
— Katie Ann