Felice LaZae | Bluesy, Soulful Rock with a Hint of Jazz!

She writes her songs like she tells the story of her life. Felice LaZae goes through the musical process, pouring her heart and soul into her creations.

Growing up in a musical family has always led her to love the art of singing and songwriting. Among her influences include Led Zepellin, Janis Joplin, and Billie Holiday.

About her

Felice LaZae is a storytelling singer/songwriter whose bluesy, soulful rock music imitates life with a cinematic twist. What does that mean? That means she sings about the things we all think about, the things we all struggle with, and the fantasies we can’t live out in real life.

For Felice LaZae, writing music is about sharing life experiences.  She draws inspiration from storytelling geniuses like Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino, and she likes to think of her songs as mini penny dreadfuls. LaZae is also inspired by the soulful rock sound of musicians like Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin, but she also admires the vocal styling and timing of Billie Holiday and funk singer, Betty Davis. “Betty is very rock and roll,” says LaZae, “but she also has a lot of soul, and I really like that. I try to bring that into my music too.”

LaZae likes the confluence of sounds from different genres and loves creating a nouveau, bluesy sound with a classic rock feel. Like movies, which are exaggerations of real life, LaZae’s music is all about telling a story that people can relate to. LaZae tells those tales, ripe with emotion, in her songs. “I want to personally connect with people through my music. I want to inspire and create music that can be the soundtrack for your life through good and hard times.”  

Felice LaZae has performed at some of the most iconic venues in Los Angeles including House of Blues, The Viper Room, Whisky A Go-Go, The Mint, and The Vaucluse Lounge, formerly Charlie Chaplin’s house and a 20’s-era speakeasy as well as new hot spots like Villains Tavern in the Downtown LA Arts District. 

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Koda Corvette | From Classical Piano to Pop!

Koda Corvette - what a unique name! And along with it comes a unique voice and personality.

Koda has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old and writing her own songs since she was 9! Wow! Today, she does gigs and performances and covers of really awesome tracks too!

Check her out on today's episode of the #dharmicevolution podcast.

About Koda

Koda Corvette is a 16-year-old pop/R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, and performer in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Portland, OR, the young prodigy discovered her dream when she began singing and playing the piano at the age of 5 – later leading her to perform at local talent shows, fairs, charity and family events. Koda picked up songwriting as a 9-year-old and started recording/producing demos, with dancing and acting to soon follow. She performed on her breakout school tour across California during the 2014-15 school year and is currently performing shows at festivals, theme parks, malls, and more. Koda has opened up live in concert for big artists such as Becky G and Tori Kelly, then making waves at the LA Neon Run EDM Concert, the Special Olympics Celebration, and the Universal CityWalk 5 Towers Concert Stage. She wrote, produced, and released her debut single, “Bring It On,” available online now on iTunes, MTV.com and most popular music distribution sites.

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Taylor Henry | From Kentucky to Nashville, Still Rockin’!

He writes what he feels. He's a total artist. He's into music and film. Yes, he's all that - the amazing Taylor Henry!

Moving from his hometown in Northern Kentucky to the Nashville, he's been doing it hot in the music scene with Kim Copeland (awesome producer!) Check out our chat today and learn more about Taylor's songs, story, and upcoming gigs!

Listen to the preview of his debut album, The Attic

About Taylor

Drawing from the pure art of songwriting, Taylor Henry has managed to remain a true craftsman of the trade. Taylor attributes his journey towards music to meeting James Taylor, the musical genius himself when he was 16 years old. "James is the guy who ruined me. I might have had a more responsible life, gone to college, gotten a degree. Instead, I’m out here spinning my wheels for just enough money to get to the next gig, and, I love it"! From that moment on, he dedicated his life to using his voice to express his story and emotions in a way that will resonate with people everywhere. As a recording and touring artist, Henry has shared the stage with some of the industry’s prominent names including Blake Shelton, Bo Bice, and The Charlie Daniels Band. He has an ability to fill a space with his unique sound, to hear a harmony and reproduce it with great precision, and has dedication to the purity of songwriting that allows him to shine bright in a cloud of popcentric performers. The pathway has not been easy as Henry has often felt challenged to change in order to fit the mold of society’s taste in music. The toughest part has been trying to be true to myself lyrically and vocally while trying to be marketable at the same time”. Despite the difficulties, he has been able to maintain a steady career and has just released his debut album "The Attic" on April 1st.

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Jill Pavel | Uplifting Indie Artists in an Epic Way

Jill Pavel of Heart Songs Corp encourages and uplifts indie artists, helping them achieve their goals. Her maternal instincts don't stop with her own child, Cory Singer. She's a mother to all her talents, and she rocks the business too!

Listen to Rob Carona's song, Drive

About Jill

Jill is the Founder and CEO of Heart Songs Corporation a full service record label and artist development platform offering digital media distribution to over 300 retailers globally. Jill is the Founder and CEO of Heart Songs for Veterans a charitable label that donates proceeds to Veteran Causes Nationwide.

She is the Executive Producer of Project Lips Radio Show, CEO and Founder of The Yonk Radio Network (Hip Hop Radio Programming Launching 2016), Executive Producer of 3 Radio shows debuting on the Yonk Radio Network (The Hip Hop Diner, Something About Rosie & Sports Under the Beltway). Jill is the CEO of Music Update Central. She is an esteemed board member of Truckin 4 Troops and Hope Farms for Veterans.

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Jon Cresswell | The Music Marvel from Manassas

Jon Cresswell moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams, armed with his talent and passion for music. He makes stellar music and he knows his guitars well! Overall cool guy, so you better check him out!

Listen to his song Standing to Fall

About Jon Cresswell

Jonathan Luke Cresswell (born March 7th 1992) is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known as a solo artist who creates loops during his performances. His unique blend of Pop, Acoustic, and HipHop is a breath of fresh air as he boasts positive ideals and genuine experiences through his Melodies. Jon believes that stories can change the way we see the world and music is the vehicle that breaks down the walls we build for our eyes.

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Shan Smile | Making the World a Beautiful Place with Music and Smiles

Making music is indeed an enjoyable experience. It is especially true for this lovely lady from the United Kingdom. She radiates her beauty via her magnificent smile and amazing music. 

Shan Smile does wonders with her guitar prowess and magical voice, and you really should listen to her songs.

Listen to Fly Away

About Shan Smile

Shan Smile is a singer-songwriter and musician based in London. Graduated from The BRIT School (Performing Arts College) she is currently promoting her music through various gigs and events. Determined to become an accomplished artist being 100% herself, her music consists of a range of gospel, soul, reggae and folk influences. Shanice is currently working on promoting her music as much as possible as well as building up her song-writing, musicianship and collaborations.

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Alissa Feudo | Acoustic Meets Electronic

Take a look at this girl who made acoustic and electronic music marry! She's worthy! Alissa Feudo from Georgia wows us with her powerful voice and unique melodies. You'll be hooked to her in no time! Check her out!Listen to Thoughts I Wish You Heard

About Alissa

Alissa Feudo is an electro indie-pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Virginia. Alissa is known for her ethereal and instantly recognizable individual style that is both emotionally delicate, yet powerfully compelling.

The first self-release of her single "Insomnia" has gained traction in the electro community, and her second and highly anticipated single "Hurricane" was released through ZK Productions in June 2015. Both singles engage catchy melodic lines and intense lyrical vulnerability, with strong, elastic beats behind the music. Alissa’s goal is to create and release music that offers a unique electro-driven landscape for the listener, while still sustaining modern pop aesthetics.

Alissa performs solo across the east coast, and has been a finalist in several songwriting competitions, including the Sea Level Songwriting Contest & the GMA songwriting contest. She has played shows at popular venues such as Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA, The Velvet Underground in Atlanta, GA, and has won multiple local Battle of the Band competitions.

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Jamie Dupuis | Talented Hands and Imagination

Fingerstyle guitar playing? Yes, please! And we've got a master right here! You got take a listen to understand the depth of Jamie Dupuis's awesomeness! Check him out right here on dHarmic Evolution

About Jamie

Jamie Dupuis (born May 10, 1990) is a Canadian virtuoso guitarist, composer and occasional singer and songwriter, best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. Dupuis, although a session player with a few bands, is carving out his own style as a solo artist in Ontario and Quebec.

Listen to Clear Blue Sky

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Peter Lewy | The Cellist Singer-Songwriter from NYC

Peter Lewy, the singing-songwriting cellist from New York City does what he does with passion - you can hear it in his songs and creations! I especially love how raw and unique his music is - and he records in this beautiful room called a eurythmy room. You gotta take a listen for yourselves to know what I mean!

Listen to I'm Through Shedding Tears:

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Maggie McClure | Bringing Homegrown Music from OK to LA

Somebody's got her touring nailed down. Yes, Maggie McClure, serial tour-er (if there ever is such a word!) Maggie has done 1,000+ gigs in over 40 states! Ain't that amazing?

Originally from Oklahoma, Maggie moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and goals of becoming a professional performer and musician. Check out the chat I had with her and listen to some of her amazing songs!

Listen to Maggie's song Time Moves On

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Nataliya Medvedovskaya | The Classical Composer-Pianist from Russia

Playing her first short piece on the piano by age 5, it is no wonder that this lady will turn out to be the creative soul behind heavenly classic compositions and contemporary music. Nataliya Medvedovskaya aka Natasha Meadows has got it nailed down since she was 8 months old. Yes! Eight months! What were you doing when you were that age?

Listen to Nataliya's song Miracles

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Anielle Reid | "Just Me and My Banjo"

Anielle Reid is a unique singer-songwriter. She's taken her music game to an all-new level with nothing but her good ole banjo! This lady is amazing at what she does, and her songs are so emotionally written that they take you on a different kind of musical ride! You'll surely enjoy her folk/country sound. It's like nothing you've ever heard before!

Listen to Anielle's "Love Song"


Refer here: http://aniellereid.com/bio

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Laura Cheadle | Keeping the Blues Alive with Family by Her Side

Laura has traveled the world with her family beginning when she was four years old! Talk about starting them young. This girl has got the blues in her, and I just love listening to that soulful voice - plus her dad's rockin' bass skills. I mean, man, this family is talented!

Watch out for their next tour. Head on over to lauracheadle.com for updates!

Listen to Laura's song Higher Place

New Jersey’s soul and blues singer LAURA CHEADLE is caught between a love affair with Philadelphia and New York City. This is no coincidence as Laura and her all family band have proven themselves to be smash hits in these cities with many accomplishments under their belt. Learn more here.

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Jessica Jolia | Music Does Run in the Blood of this Vocal Diva!

Jessica Jolia is an American recording artist, songwriter, musician and educator. Her musical talents, passion and work ethic led her to earn scholarships to Berklee College of Music and Oklahoma Christian University as a student of the Vocal Performance Bachelor of Arts degree program, the latter of which she chose to attend. After performing internationally for many years, Jessica's career as a solo artist became her primary focus.

Listen to Jessica Jolia's song, Sometimes

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Dilana | The Lioness Roars for Equality, Kindness, and Love for Music

Contrary to how she appears, Dilana is actually a pretty charming and easy-to-talk-to- person. She's got that air of kindness, and she believes in equality. 

Listen to this powerful woman's songs and you'll surely feel empowered and brave!

Listen to Dilana's song "Beautiful Monster"

About Dilana

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the girl known by age two as Dilana Smith discovered a love for music at an early age, participating in school and church choirs as an escape from an unpleasant home life. Inspired by such visceral singers as Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, she left school at sixteen to follow her own dreams. Dilana soon found herself with a promising music career in Holland, becoming one of the country's most coveted live acts. Recording and releasing the album Wonderfool in 2000 yielded five singles, four videos and a string of touring and festival gigs throughout the region, celebrating her natural talents as a songwriter and performer. 

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