" Mission Statement"

dHarmic Evolution is a new Podcast designed to provide a platform for dreamers, thinkers, songwriters, entertainers, producers (both music and film) artists, writers, creators, fashion models, and Entrepreneur’s.

It is an entertainment platform for you to share your story with those who feel that deep down in their heart, they have something special to offer the world. This show is not just to entertain, but also, to brighten, educate, and, enlighten the path for those who’s desire, is, to give more of themselves than they are presently contributing in this life. “dHarmic Evolution” is all about connecting each other’s passion’s and dreams that were born to live, light, and share with others.Sharing your story with others, will have a cascading effect on all whom you touch by helping them realize that they have dreams and passions that have now been awakened, and they can follow the trail that “YOU” not only blazed for yourself, but also have created one for others to follow.  A Grand Parade always begins with just one small step……Please share with us your amazing story and journey, so that it may give hope and inspiration to others, that they may also aspire to live on that higher plane that we all seek.