James Kevin launches his new Series,                     "The Experience" now to be a regular feature on the last Friday of each month. Today's show features a brand new release of "Tango On" the first single from his forthcoming album "Gratitude" Jacked up Jimmy stops by for a surprise visit, talks about how he needs a "sit down" with English Bob, and ask's James Kevin to set it up! "He's got me waiting in the Lobby! " Jacked up states about English Bob............                As the conversation turns towards bowling, and a sprained scrotum, "Jacked up" ends up cutting it short as his beeper goes off and he needs to respond to the Union Hall, and, get back to the job site to throw a guy off a roof!

Hey James Kevin my beeper’s going off like a house of fire, it’s the Union calling, I gotta go throw some guy off a roof!
— Jacked up Jimmy